Saturday, September 12, 2009

We Interrupt This Program...

I am my own worst enemy.

You kids are not going to believe what a sucker I am.

Before I get into the story of my day, I will offer that I have a really great date last night. Surprisingly nice every though I wasn't really into it.

Dr. Todd (PH-D not MD) teaches at my son's university and I met him while I was feeding the little shit one afternoon. DT had asked me out a few times in the past month but I wasn't all that into it. He did have the extremely liberal thing going for him. That is actually how we met. I was explaining to my son the advantages and disadvantages of HC 3200 when he overheard and we all started talking. Anyway, he invited me to a faculty cocktail thingy for early evening and I went. I met a lot of interesting people, didn't embarrass myself by getting sloshed and was home safe and sound by 8:30pm. Best off my work clothes were total appropriate attire and I didn't have to go home and change. (Although I admit I did wear my best Anne Klein suit with a lower cut blouse and I changed from my wedges to pumps in the car.)
Yeah, I am getting lazy in my old age. I kidded him and inquired why he wasn't dating one of his 19 year old P.A.s and he offered that he saves those for grading papers and picking up his drycleaning.

I man who abuses his underlings is alright by me.

When he showed me to my car, I told him he could call me next week. Since he called at 11am this morning, I would say that Dr. Todd had a nice time too. Time will tell.

Okay, now to my story.

My daughter had a skating lesson at 12 today and I looked out the window and it was pouring rain. I contemplated blowing it off but she gave me the pouty lip and in the car we went. About a mile from our house there is a long stretch of road that starts at my subdivision, passes another and then is a mile of only cow and horse fields.

I started traveling and out of the corner of my eye, I saw something that looked like a raccoon. When I peered again, I noticed it was not a critter but a dog and not only one dog but a bunch of them.

Running into the road.

Now this road is 55mph and is fairly busy during the day and I really didn't want these things to contribute to the daily collection of road kill the area displays.

First stupid thing:

I turned the car around, put my flashers on and got out in the pouring rain.

Second Stupid Thing:

I called to them.

Third Stupid Thing.

When three of them actually came to me, I corralled three wet stinky dogs into my car.

By this time traffic had stopped in both directions and people where getting out to help. The fourth dog which seems to be a brother of one of the others (they looked exactly alike) was caught by another woman and she said she would take it and find the owner.

That turns out to be the Fourth Stupid Thing because I should have kept those two together. I also think she probably has no intention of seeking the owner.

I brought them home, put them in the garage, alerted SCM and took the princess to her lesson.

Let me tell you a little bit about these dogs. One is a white beautifully groomed Pomeranian, the other and his missing brother are Papillons which are about 5 or 6 pounds each and the last which I think is a puppy looks like a small lab mix. They are all welled cared for by NO COLLARS. I hope they are microchipped but I can't think of a place to have that checked until Monday.

I put signs all over thinking that someone is frantically looking for these dogs and would call in no time. 8 hours later and nuttin'

Now I have five dogs in my house all fighting for alpha status and hogging my couch.



Golden To Silver Val said...

OMG....been there, done that. I thought I was the only one to pull something dumb like that!!! (sigh...St. Francis loves us) I'm glad you saved them. Hope you find the owners before the city wants you to pay for a kennel license. LOL

Coffeypot said...

I'm sure there are plenty of Chinese restaurants that would be more than happy to take them off your hands.

Which one are you going to keep?

Christine said...

KEEP??!! I don't think so although the Princess has her favorite already. The puppy is following me around like...a puppy. I already have two dogs and that is PLENTY thankuverymuch.

I am sure they all will get adopted if their owner isn't found. Little dogs get snatched up in a second. SO I don't feel too bad about taking them to the pound tomorrow or Monday.

Shiny Rod said...

Great catch, the "date" not the dogs. Call the animal shelter, let them take care of the dogs.

Christine said...

No Rod, HE is the one that would be getting the great catch :-) No sparks though... I may not believe in love at first sight but there has to be at least a little lust. :-)

Libby said...

you're right, you will be a good catch. but, my God, christine! havent you grown out of that stage where you want to keep all strays?? (AJ included...that should've been your first lesson!) lol! I LOVE papillons...i'll take them!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

WTG on the date, maybe give it another chance and see if things "spark"? And, I'm proud of you for helping those puppies.

Christine said...

That made me laugh out loud Lib. Yup, SCM included, I do tend to pick up strays and then wonder why they turn out to have so many issues. Well...duh...

Had a call at 7 this morning about the dogs. She said they were missing since last night. Umm, no, they were missing since yesterday morning. Turns out they are this lady's dogs who are penned up and apparently unchecked for hours on end. Not only do they not have collars but she said they are not microchipped. Since none of them are fixed, SCM suspects she is a back yard breeder. SHe barely said thank you. I wouldn't be surprised if she suspects I am keeping the other one. I just got that impression. I told her to put up signs on that road so the other woman who picked him up will see it.

They really were very good dogs. Not one accident in the house at all. I am just glad they are gone so the princess didn't get to attached to them.

The Dish said...

Awww, I love that you stopped in traffic to grab those dogs! You big-hearted woman you! I will take the puppy. Shit, no I won't, I am at my animal quota already!

Sorry their is no spark with TD, sad.

Tammy said...

I am totally with ya on needing some attraction. I prefer a whole lot of animal lust but even a "I kinda could be into you" would suffice.

I love Papillons too...