Monday, September 14, 2009

The Man Who Cried Wolf (conclusion)

Since my mother was so conveniently at the house by the time they took SCM away, I considered going straight to the hospital.

However, I pictured the long night ahead of sitting in that damn ER keeping the whiny ass company and procrastinated a bit.

Like two hours worth.

Okay, maybe it was only an hour and a half but whatever it was, it wasn't long enough.

My son had shown up and started pushing me to go see what was going on. I finally went when he snapped that if I don't give a shit, HE WOULD go.

Hmmmmmmmm that was tempting indeed but a little guilt goes a long away.

I showed up, they did the prerequisite picture taking and name badge crap in case I was there to break SCM out or something and showed me to his little ER cubby. He was on O2,heart monitors and was bored out of his mind.

Big surprise.

The nurse came in and he started saying how stupid he felt because nothing bothered him now and blah blah blah. He was very nice and said that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Great, now the little fucker has permission to drag me down here every time he has indigestion. Can I sue the hospital for giving bad advice to a moron?

I stayed until about 5am. Never seeing a doctor and finally left telling SCM to call when he knows something but I needed to get ready for work.

And off I went.

SCM called about 9am and said the doctor was in and they decided to do an angiogram tomorrow morning.

What? Why?

Of course dumb ass has no idea and it seemed far to evil to jump his shit right than for not paying attention.

So I left work and headed for the hospital to try to talk to someone. I had them page the doctor but after two hours it became clear that he didn't plan on getting back to me. I returned to the nurses station and asked them if they have in the file why the angiogram is necessary.

She flipped open the file and there in big bold letters it said..

DX: Acute Myocardial Infarction.


The nurse explained that the test results came back which showed the cardiac enzemes consistent with heart damage as well as abnormalities on the EKG.

"Umm..thanks? Now could you please page the doctor again?"

I return to SCMs bedside and calmly inquired if anyone had told him he had a heart attack.

"Maybe. I am not quite sure what they were talking about."

I looked around the room trying to find something that I could use to kill him and get away with it but I came up empty.

"Don't you think you should have...I don't know...PAID ATTENTION?!"

The doctor finally called, explained the situation and had us watch the film on the procedure they were going to do the following morning. I inquired as to whether it was safe to wait another day and was told that SCM is wearing a nitropatch and it should be fine to wait.

Nitro patch?

"Hon, are you wearing a nitropatch?"

He pulls up his gown to show me a patch on his upper thigh.

"Didn't they tell you what that was?"

He responds that they probably did but he didn't remember.

Way to go to take charge of your health care, dude!

I think my biggest issue was I probably would have transferred SCM to a better hospital if I knew there was really something wrong with him. As annoying as he is I do need that phone and cable bill paid every month. When I inquired about having him moved I was informed that moving him could be dangerous.

While I was more than willing to take that chance, SCM was being a pussy and mentioned something about being afraid of death.

He stayed, Doctor, who could have gotten his degree by mail order for all we know, did his angiogram followed by an angioplasty and stint to clear the blockage.

And I am stuck with SCM who will milk this until I have finally had enough and tell him to fuck off.

The clock is ticking.


Libby said...

shit, christine! i guess he was right in the first place...howwever, all that means is that he should pay attention to drs when they TELL him stuff! how frustrating that must be, as if you don't have another child to raise! [sympathy hug]

Shiny Rod said...

I have to say is don't let the Florence Nightingale effect set in.

Vinomom said...

Well even if he DID have a heart attack, it was obviously a MILD one if he felt fine so quickly. At least now he's going to be around to pay the phone and cable bill

Christine said...

Yes VM, very mild. Apparently he was smart enough to chew that aspirin which opened up his artery enough so not to have a massive coronary. He really did luck out that all the stars were aligned in his favor.

The Girl said...

Oh hell, I would have bet that nothing was wrong....Shit ! That sucks, even though he drives you bat shit nuts-o - I hope things have settled down and he's feeling better. Although, a little exercise may help him out.

The Dish said...

Well, I am glad that he is better. The angiogram and plasty will do their jobs and keep the blockage from closing off his artery. But I would have fricking choked him for not listening when the doctor talked to him. What a maroon!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Maybe you should hide the aspirins from here on. Just sayin'.

Christine said...

ETW is a gal after my own heart.

GiGi said...

Glad he is on the mend. Hopefully no more ER visits in either of your futures!

Christine said...

I don't think there will be many more ER visits in the future. The way SCM is still smoking like a chimney, the coroner will be the next stop.