Thursday, April 30, 2009

How Much Do You Love Your S.O.?

I don't know if any of you are familiar with the Tiny House Guy. He sells plans to create small living spaces for people to lower costs and to lessen the prints on the environment.

He currently resides in a home of 89sq feet. Right now I am in my office which is more than double that and although it is fine to hang out in while I am working, to call something this small home?

I don't think so.

To try to live in half of it?

Fuck no.

However, I thought further and wondered if I would be "fuck no-ing" if it wasn't about being environmentally conscientious but a choice between living with people I didn't particularly care for in a bigger house or try to fit all my shoes in the doll house.

Doll House wins, hands down. You can only avoid other people so long. There has to be common areas such as kitchens even if you are lucky enough to have a private place to doodie.

Which got me thinking even further...

(Do you see a pattern here? Avoidance of work equals stupid mind wanderings....)

Is there anyone anywhere that I would feel perfectly able to share such a small place with and not be plotting their untimely death in a matter of days if not hours?

I've got nobody past or present.

Do you?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Plug for SCM and His Pals.

If you happen to be in Orlando, go see NRG. I wouldn't want SCM to be late on the electric bill.

N R G Live!

Okay..the real truth is I don't have a fuckin' thing to write about. Desperate times and all that......

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Did I Say I LOVE Being the Boss Last Post?

I just totally lost my shit and reamed out an employee.

The company I run is a great company to work for. We pay above average salaries, give three weeks vacation to new employees, profit sharing and full medical and dental benefits.

Not to mention they get to look at my radiant smile every day.

I can deal with a lot of crap and do. When we aren't busy, feel free to surf the web, shoot the shit with an office buddy or go get yourself a coke. It's all good...

That is when we aren't busy.

However, when I see you in the break room for 20 minutes, followed by holding court in your office for another 20 minutes and find out you are on the clock. I get curious. When I start getting phone calls from business associates that have to use my back line because you're not returning messages?

I get beyond cranky.

Yes, I raised my voice in front of others. No it wasn't appropriate. Yes, I instructed your supervisor to deal with you because if I kept on, I would have fired your lazy ass.

How you slipped through the probationary period and still work here is beyond me. Keep it up girly, and I will make your fucking life so miserable, you will choose to live on Beany Wieneys rather than spend another day around my miserable ass.

Whew....I feel better.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Back To Work...For a While Anyway

Well...this vacation sucked. Weather was rainy and cold the first couple of days and by the time the weather got sunny and warm, the kid had an earache and was miserable.

It was spring break and it seems like every other idiot parent also had the bright idea to drag their snot nosed brats to see the fake premise we call Democracy but is really capitalism, theft, bribes and hypocrisy.

Next, Marcos Island and some peace and quiet. Fuck this educational shit.

Since the work fairy neglected to show up and do all my paperwork while I was gone, I don't have time to bitch and moan as much as I would like today. I need to catch up on the staff goings on before I catch up on the Kewl Kids goings on.

68 days until my next planned vacation.

It is great being the boss.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I Am Outta Here for A Few Days

My Washington DC trip is this week. Taking the kid to see all that patriotic bullshit.

I'll bring you all back some samples from the US Mint.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Recently, it seems like I have an issue that has friends inquiring as to who pissed in my morning Cheerios.

It is how television commercials portray women. Since I've never been a big public TV watcher, I really never paid any attention to advertising methods. Recently I have been into a few network programs and catch a glimpse of a commercial before I hit the fast forward button.

I have never considered myself a woman's libber.

Mainly because I thought that club had been closed down with the windows boarded up long ago. I am aware that women still are paid less but those gaps are closing. I also realize that the majority of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are men but that is shifting as well as the good ole boy club is dying out.

So why the fuck is the person pushing the vacuum or spraying the air freshener to hide the dog shit smell always a women? I mean ALWAYS. Find any commercial that involves cleaning or cooking and it will feature someone with breasts.

I am 40 something years old. I have worked my entire life. I have been married twice and I have never done all the housework or been responsible for choosing all the cleaning supplies. Not to mention that if you see my stirring something on a stove, it is either a holiday or someone's birthday. I assumed most other families in the twenty first century are the same.

However, when I mention this outrage, I get deer in the headlight looks as if this is no big deal but worse, it makes perfect sense.

So I ask you, kewl kids, please enlighten me. Are the gals doing all or most of the laundry, polishing and vacuuming and I have just married very liberated men or are these commercials bullshit. I also would like to know if you work full time. I guess I consider it only fair that if one partner works full time, the other should work more in the home. But even that STILL most often the woman and I have been living life as if I had a penis and was too stupid to notice?

What say you?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

One of my favorite things is blobbing on the sofa for a couple of hours with my legs tucked under me, pint of ice cream in one hand, big soup spoon in the other, enjoying a great film.

If I like a movie, I will watch it over and over again before I toss it in the cabinet with all the other..tossed aside for now... but will certainly watch again someday..DVDs.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is so hard to find something worthy of spending those two hours on. I have "Movies on Demand" but that consists of mostly films that were made to keep B actors working.

I stumbled upon this. 100 Movie To See Before You Die..

I have seen exactly half of them. I wasn't surprised that there weren't many recent films included. There is so much crap being made. However, I was surprised that Gone With the Wind, Braveheart, Casino, Forest Gump and Close Encounters weren't there.

What are some of your favorites that you think are missing?