Monday, April 20, 2009

Back To Work...For a While Anyway

Well...this vacation sucked. Weather was rainy and cold the first couple of days and by the time the weather got sunny and warm, the kid had an earache and was miserable.

It was spring break and it seems like every other idiot parent also had the bright idea to drag their snot nosed brats to see the fake premise we call Democracy but is really capitalism, theft, bribes and hypocrisy.

Next, Marcos Island and some peace and quiet. Fuck this educational shit.

Since the work fairy neglected to show up and do all my paperwork while I was gone, I don't have time to bitch and moan as much as I would like today. I need to catch up on the staff goings on before I catch up on the Kewl Kids goings on.

68 days until my next planned vacation.

It is great being the boss.


Bitchy McBitcherson said...

Sorry the weather didn't cooperate. That sucks! My vacation is in 20 days! Can't wait!

GiGi said...

I hate when weather corrupts vacationing. It rained like hell when we took our kids to Mexico in January, and I think I threatened to leave everyone and take the next flight back to TX at least 3 times a they say, you need a vacation from your vacation, chica!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I told ya the weather stunk! I'm sorry you didn't have better temps and a better time.

coffeypot said...

I love Marcos Island and Capitalism. Sorry he had the earache, though.

Special K said...

Ugh I hate those vacations gone awry! I have had a couple of those myself! Hope your kiddo is feeling better and damn that lazy ass work fairy anyway, what a lazy bitch! :)

Alex said...

Sorry your vacation sucked.... but I missed you!