Friday, September 25, 2009

Daughters Sons and Mom.

Happy Friday to one and all.

I am killing time before my son takes me to lunch.

And by take me I mean I pick him up at his work and pay.

But still, he does want to luncheon with his Mother and I have to give him points for that.

I was thinking about the difference between my son's and daughter's relationship with me the other day. My son is 11 years older than my daughter so I basically raised them at two entirely different times in my life.

My son and I have the same sense of humor, enjoy the same types of music and totally understand each other. When he was in high school he was proud of me and encouraged me to hang out with his friends when they were over. I was the "cool mom".

My daughter is embarrassed by the fact I even exist.

My son used to get out of the car at drop off at school, kiss me good bye and went on his merry way.

My daughter gives me an eye roll and a glare when I tell her to have a nice day.

My son never had secrets and I knew much more than I really wanted to know.

My daughter gossips on the phone with her friends behind closed doors in whispers.

My son always want to know what I think about every problem.

My daughter won't even tell me there IS a problem unless teacher phone calls or blood is involved.

Where ever I was going, my son wanted to be included.

My daughter gets on the phone within seconds to find an alternate to going to the store with Mom.

Did I change or are they just totally different?

I suspect it is a bit of both.

My Friday funny website is Awkward Family Photos. Check it out for a giggle.


The Dish said...

I also think a lot of it is the difference between sons and their mom's and daughters and their mom's. Don't worry, she will grow out of it someday!

Have a great weekend!

Becky..AMHW said...

You so need to check out the YouTube I put up today...just so you can be glad that neither of your kids is THAT kid.

Olly said...

In the last year, at the old age of 11, my daughter no longer wants to hang out with me. Also secretive about phone conversations, etc. Thank God I have all her passwords for Facebook, etc. lol.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I think it's just a difference in kids and the times. Mine are 8 years apart, so basically "only" children. My 11 yr old son thinks I'm a dork, but will admit in private that I'm one of the coolest moms he knows. My 3.5 yr old daughter is still at that very lovely dovey stage and very much a mama's girl.

Efen said...

Funny....even though I knew my daughter didn't think it was 'cool' to be seen with 'Dad' in a public place, she'd delight in telling me that all of her friends thought she had 'the coolest Dad'....Finally, in her late teens, it was OK to be seen with me again. I guess I must have gotten better ;) BUT...she has rarely shared one thing with me.

GiGi said...

That's just how my sister's kids are. They are 9 yrs apart, and the older one - the girl - is more like 'friends' with my sister. The younger one - boy - is pretty much the standard teen - embarassed by most things his mom does!!

Karen said...

My brother is a year older than me and then my sister is 9 years younger than me. I think my parents raised my brother and I much differently than my sister. My brother and I were/are very dependent on my parents and my sister is totally independent. It is strange.

Vinomom said...

Boy do I feel ya on this one! My daughter bounces back and forth between wanting to be with me and cuddle w/ me to rolling her eyes and complaining about everything I do and say! It's so frusterating. But I remember being pretty much the exact same way with my mom so I guess it's par for the course.