Friday, September 11, 2009

He Broke His Heart (Cont)

The EMT hunks informed me that they would be taking SCM to the hospital which I was told is the standard with chest pain complaints.

I guess if THEY tell the patient to suck it up and take a tums and SCM croaks, I would soon own an ambulance.

Out comes the stretcher, on and strapped down goes SCM and out the door they go.

I was informed they are taking him to the nearest facility with a heart floor which fortunately, was just a couple of miles away. Unfortunately, the hospital sucks goat cheese in all other respects but whiners can't be choosers.

While the ambulance is still out front, I call my son, explain the situation and ask him to come over to sleep and watch the Princess. He panicked and said he would arrive as soon as possible.

I informed him to take his damn time because I do not relish the thought of sitting in the Emergency Department for the next few hours. Besides, I needed to dry my hair.

We all have our priorities.

Just as I hang up the phone, my mother frantically bursts through the front door. She sees me, runs to check on Anna and seeing it isn't the two people she actually likes in that ambulance, she breaths a sigh of relief.

"What's wrong with (SMC) now?"

Having him call 911 isn't a common event but his complaining incessantly about every ache and pain was so this wasn't a huge shocker to Mother either.

"Mom, how did you know there was something going on here?"

Mom lives around the block but I couldn't imagine even in the unlikely event that she saw the flashing lights that she would suspect it was coming from our cul de sac.

"The neighbor across the street called me and said someone from this house was being brought out on a stretcher," she stated.

Whaaaa? The Mrs Kravitz of the Shady Pine subdivision had been peering through her window at 1am, had looked up my mother's phone number and called her in the middle of the night. I am sorry but I didn't appreciate this one bit. My mother kept going on about how thoughtful it was. Well, yeah, maybe for her but in my mind I was just had my privacy invaded and am having to inform a person that I may not have chosen to inform.

Would this piss you off or am I overreacting?

(Part 3 this weekend)


Vinomom said...

I don't know if it would piss me off but it would definitely weird me out. Who knows what other events she's spied on?

The Dish said...

It would piss me off. It would never cross my mind to do something like that though. And I love to spy on my neighbors. I just wouldn't call their relatives about it...

Efen said...

I'm w/ Vinomom....that is kinda fucking wierd..especially the part about her having to lookup the phone number.

Karen said...

I'd do exactly what your neighbor did. If you don't want your neighbors talking about you, don't have a huge truck with flashing lights and sirens outside your house. ;-)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'd be perturbed, but then get over it quickly. I think the neighbor meant well and she probably thought that your mom would want to know what was going on (and she did).

Christine said...

Sure she did ETW. However, just because someone wants to know do they have a right to know? This women knows my mother's name from the home owners association but she has no idea if we even talk. It seemed so intrusive to me. I haven't said anything to her about it yet and probably won't but geez.

I have blogged about Mother in the past. What I should have added to this post was how pissed off she was that the EMTs wouldn't give her any information as to who they had in the ambulance. "THIS IS MY DAUGHTER'S HOUSE" she apparently protested. They didn't give a shit and told her to move along. I kinda like that. :-)

Christine said...

Karen: You're right. What was I thinking!!?? Wait..I am not the one that called 911 so it wasn't my big flashy truck.

Mother was so damn appreciative of Mrs Kravitz's call and even followed up and called her to thank her. Bugs the hell out of me.

Anonymous said...

I would have clocked the neighbor.

Shiny Rod said...

and that is why I live in the sticks. Besides my mother would have one hell of a drive to see about me. At least two or three states.

Olly said...

Something to be said here about living at least an hour or two away from all relatives.

Libby said...

...yeah, i guess she meant, now you know she likes your mom better than you! if i were you, i'd get a pair of binoculars to wear around my neck when YOU'RE outaide!
& BTW..." whiners can't be choosers." is the best line i've heard, EVER!! LOL!

razorbeck said...

Well Chris if the man you live with was a gymnastic event he would be more uneven bars and definately not the balance beam.

Maybe she was scared it was you strapped ot the gurney aftercaptain fantastic fell off the beam again

GiGi said...

I wouldn't be mad at the seems to me more like general concern - I mean, it was an ambulance at the house...not like she was sitting there peering into your kitchen window...*that* would piss me off.

Golden To Silver Val said...

There's good and bad points on both sides of the coin. I guess it all boils down to how close your relationship is with your mom. If you truly don't want her to ever know if any emergencies happen, I would gently tell "Mrs. Kravitz" that your mom is under doctor's care and is not supposed to be upset and, although it was sweet of her to be so thoughtful, please don't get mom upset again. Oh...and don't mention to mom that I told you this. k?..... That way nobody's feelings are hurt and mom's none the wiser. Gawd...I'm so good I amaze myself sometimes. What? Its a WHITE lie...THOSE aren't bad...they HELP people. lol

Christine said...

Val, you are brilliant. I am definitely going to say that very thing. What happens when I finally murder SCM and the cops show up. I don't want to be in trouble with my mommy too!

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