Thursday, March 20, 2008

I have decided that I am not going to allow this fucking bad hair ruin my day!

But it will.

I am vain and self conscious like that.

Every time I talk to someone I will think they are looking at my hair and wondering what the fuck I could have done to make it frizz up like that.

Or worse, think that the bitch has finally lost her mind and that finger in electric outlet is her new look.

But I will not allow this to ruin my day.

Every trip to the ladies room will have me pulling out the brush and the hairspray trying to create some semblance of order to this mop and each effort will be awarded with grunts, growls and a look worse than when I walked in.

But I will not allow this to ruin my day.

At lunch, I will decline going out because I just know the rainy humid weather will create havoc on my already disastrous golden locks so I will send out for a salad and eat it at my desk.

But , NO! I will not allow this to ruin my day.

This afternoon, I will stay in my office and decline to see any vendors or salespeople because I can not make logical decisions when I feel like shit about myself.

But, I will certainly not allow this to ruin my day.
As I bid goodnight to my employees they will leave wondering why I was a recluse all today and what they did to make me want nothing to do with any of them.

No, a bad hair will never ever ruin my day.

At closing, I will put on my sweats and tee, pull the mop up into a pony holder and head to the gym where it is acceptable to look like shit and feel normal for the first time all day.

Good thing I did not allow a bad hair day to get me down.


janeywan said...

Hey the hair looks alright, but that expression on your face might need a little work. lol

Burfica said...

hahahahah janeywan, I was gonna make some snarky comment about the picture but I'm not sure I can top yours.

Hey I used to always get up and forget to brush mine and take my kid to school then spend an hour or two talking to parents and when I was driving home realize my hair was flat on one side and sticking at odd angles on the other. hahahaha

Now I know why they talked to me for so long, they were laughing their asses off.

Boo said...

Going to the gym makes you feel normal????? Boy you are fucked up.


Christine said...

LOL but it is a place where it is acceptable to look and feel like shit.

coffeypot said...

I have a feeling that you would look good even if you were bald. BTW, what happened with your meeting with the underlings? Did you smack anyone around?

Christine said...

Nawwww coff but I made a few people cry...ahhh, the power!

Alekx said...

My hair looks like that everyday
I'm suppose to feel like shit.
DAMNIT I've missed a good opprutunity to get more drugs from the doc.

Babzy said...

If you wake up with bad hair and fiddle around with it too much you will never get it right. Best to go right back to bed.

Cute pic. Is that an emu?