Monday, March 24, 2008

Fuck all of you that don't update at least once every week.

You know who you are. Quit looking around all innocent like.

Yes, I am one of those sucky lurkers that don't comment often. While I love you all blowing smoke up my ass, I don't have the patience to enter my blogger name, password and then put all those fucking meaningless random letters in that little piece of crap box.

But I read you, oh yes I do. How else am I supposed to get through this G-d Damned work day?


I may have to start a shit list. Those people that are too freakin' lazy to come up with at least one anecdote to share with those of us that have limited social lives and only this to look forward to.

So go back and write about that fucked up bitch that was ahead of you at the market Saturday or that inconsiderate prick who brought his rugrat to the movies or that lady walking through the mall with her skirt caught up in her granny panties.

Don't make me beg.


Burfica said...

for fuck sake I posted already, get your scrawny ass over and read it already!!!!!


you said granny panties teeheee

razorbeck said...

hey you I updated 3 times this month I think thats a fookin record so thats enough out of you !!!!lol

eriously though I don't know what youre talking about the btches and pricks tend to go aways around me. might be my fearsome reputation or more likely a 6'6" 400 pound with a bitter scowl is considered best avoided. you decide lol

seriously you need to learn to let go and zen them fuckers out of your way.

coffeypot said...

But, but, but I did! You can beg all you want, too. And while you are on your knees...

Babzy said...

Not guilty.

Okay I'm guilty of granny panties but not guilty of not posting.

Special K said...

Ok. Done. I even talked about you. How is THAT?
But it is all in love, because you my dear, take the time to log in, sign your name, and comment me. I heart you now and forever.

Libby said...

i even have a video up that you'll love!!