Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today is SCM's birthday.  I know you all have to get back to your party plans so I will be brief.

I arrived home yesterday evening  to the princess doing homework and no SCM in site.

"Where's your father?" I inquired.

"In the bathtub."

Now to most people, this would be a perfectly natural statement.  Putting aside the joke of SCM not actually bathing at all, when he is in the tub it is an indication that he is depressed or upset in same way.

Since the world revolves around me, I was aggitated that after working 11 hours I now had to deal with that shit.

Apparently I was wrong.  He toweled off, put on three sweaters and thermal underwear (It is 40 degrees in the sunshine lately) and climbed into bed.

Lest you think I am totally heartless, I did ask if there was something I could do for him.

"Yeah..shut the door on your way out."

Yup, I could do that.

I ate the dinner he saved for me in the microwave, put the Princess to bed and logged on facebook.

SCM had made an entry 1 hour before.  It simply read  "FUCK!!!"

Even odder, two hours before that he had been playing Mafia Wars and offered his friends a bonus for killing Tony Soprano or whatever.  So something occurred within that time frame.  Hmmmm.

Not to be the type of person to leave my curiosity unsatisfied, I went back in the room with the door now closed and inquired as to what that FUCK!!! was about.

"Where were you after work?  You signed off over an hour before you got home?"

I explained if he really must know, I was picking up a birthday gift for him.

"I hope it wasn't anything music related."

It wasn't.

Again I was instructed to not let the door hit me on the ass on my way out.

So here I sit, in my office, still clueless about what crawled up his anal sphincter and died.

Was the comment about music a hint?  Did the band break up?

SCM will talk when he is ready.  And talk and talk and talk.  I guess I should appreciate the silence while it lasts.


Now I would like my internet kewl kids to give me an opinion on something.  Here is the situation...

I am currently hiring a part time file clerk/operator.  I put an ad on Craigslist and received over 100 replies so far.  I screened some and gave the best six to my lead person so she can decide who she wants to meet.  She decided to meet them all and leave the final decision to me.  No problem.

Applicant two comes in for her interview.  She meets with the lead person who comes into my office to see if I have a free parking voucher.  (Free to the person I am giving to, not free to me).  I told her I was out of them and she stated that her present interviewee parked in the garage and has no money to get out.  Please be aware that there is a huge sign outside the garage that states "$4.00 parking. No exceptions."

I instructed her application be filed under "no freakin' way" sight unseen.  My lead person said she was impressed with her and thought I was being hasty.  I feel if doesn't have the common sense to follow simple directions she doesn't need to work for me.

So, dear friends, what do you think?


M Chickk said...

Speaking as someone who is desperately looking for a job right now, the LAST thing I would ever do is put myself in a position where I had to ask the person who was interviewing me for a free parking voucher because I didn't have the four bucks to leave the garage. In my opinion, it just makes for a bad first impression.

Libby said...

that really ISNT a good first impression to make on someone you hope to work for!
re:SCM in a bath...don't baths just kinda gross you out, washing all the stinky filth off your body, and then sitting in it marinating for awhile?

Christine said...

Lib. I love baths but perhaps it is my own filth so it doesn't bother me. What I will not do is swim in a public pool. THAT is disgusting. Swimming in other's filth, snot and piss just grosses me out...shudder.

Coffeypot said...

As you pouty little bitch ex said, don't let the door hit her in the ass on the way out.

And if he had ask me where I had been for an hour, since you two aren't married, I would have told him it was none of his fucking business. But you are sweeter than me.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I agree. If you don't plan ahead to have parking money, you probably aren't very detail oriented.

Not sure what to think of SCM and his pity party....

The Dish said...

Agreed. Shows very poor problem solving skills, IMHO.

Tell SCM to pull the stick out of his ass. And you are right, enjoy the silence while it lasts. Sooner than later the diarrhea of the mouth with ensue.

Karen said...

I am with Libby on the bath issue. Vile.

Not a great first impression with the interviewee, but it shouldn't be a deal breaker. But then again, I wouldn't have to deal with her everyday.

razorbeck said...

I am the wrong person to ask when I need a new employee I hire the first likely candidate to walk in the door. They usually weed themselves out

Golden To Silver Val said...

This applicant is trouble with a capital T. You will be forever cursing the day you hired her if you do so. She has entitlement issues and brass balls. A deadly combination. We've got one of those at work and the morale of the whole building has gone into the toilet because of her.

Anonymous said...

You aren't married?? How did I miss that in all this time?

Anyways. I have never lived or interviewed in the city so I don't know how obvious all this parking garage stuff is. It is definitely a bad impression to ask for money to get out of the garage. I would probably definitely walk myself out of the garage, find an ATM, get some money and walk back before I asked my potential employer.

That being said, maybe she is like me and just didn't realize. Doesn't mean she is a bad worker. I'm not. Her ability to read parking signs doesn't necessarily affect her ability to file and stuff.

Christine said...

Well, Vino, I would agree with you except that she DID read the sign and ignored it since she asked for a parking voucher or (validation) before she left. If she had come backin and said she missed it, I may have given her the benefit of the doubt but because she didn't process the information or did and choose to ignore it, that is where my problem with her came in.

Oh,and SCM and I are still legally married. The divorce papers were never finalized so they are just sitting in my safe as a threat in case he fucks up again.v ;-)