Friday, January 8, 2010

Link of the Week

Okay, I'll admit it.  I am homesick.  Home is and will always be New York no matter how many years I rot away in this swamp of a state that isn't fit for human inhabitance.

I've been planning to move back for years but things keep happening that prevent relocating.  Oh well....some day.

Anyway, here are this weeks fun and interesting sites.  As usual, if you've discovered a good one yourself, please share. 

Overheard in New York.  Title requires no explanation due to my extremely intelligent reader mix.


I Spy New York.  A great blog with many pictures and small stories about things around town.

I am thinking about a weekend home.  Whos' with me?


Special K said...

I have never been to New York so I am up for it! Maybe I can at least see some snow to go with our negative temps! HA! Now that my ex has moved from there I would be glad to go.
Thanks for the links!

Doc said...

Im visiting NY right now... Long Island to be exact for a wedding and the snow is bad today. You aint missing that much!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love visiting NY...wouldn't want to live there. This Southern gal wants to relocate to your swamp soon! :-)

Christine said...

Oh ETW...the novelty wears off very quick when you haven't left your house, car or job in 9 months because the air isn't fit for breathing. Hey, but knock yourself out. I can sell you a nice big house on a corner lot with a screened in pool real cheap. Of course SCMs room will have to be fumigaged but hey...a few coats of paint, new carpet and a case of fabreeze and you're good to go.