Thursday, January 21, 2010

Keep Your Dented Cans Beotches.

Those of you that have gotten a feel for my personality in the past few years know that I am the first one to help anyone in need.  Present a worthy cause and I am on it.  I've donated funds to everything from Save the Frogs to covering a fellow blogger's electric bill.

However, I always make sure my help is needed and that I am not simply doing it to give myself a warm fuzzy feeling.

As I pursued Craigslist today, I noticed several churches asking for donations of things to send to Haiti.  A couple of minutes on Google and you will find that they simply don't want our shit.  They have no place to store it, no one to sort it and no one to deliver it. 

It gets me wondering.  Who exactly are these organizers of donations doing this for?  Yes they have good intentions on the surface and maybe deeper than that but I think getting involved in more than a send a check and be done with it kind of way makes them feel good about themselves. 

Really folks, that isn't the point.  If the point is to help, do some research, pick your favorite disaster team that is there setting up and send them the funds to do their job.  That is what they need. Meaning well is one thing, actually doing what needs to be done is the right thing. If all you have  to donate is time, set up a car wash or a yard sale and send the cash so they can help these people with services not bandaids.

And keep last year's bikini and your dusty canned peaches with heavy syrup.

 Maybe I am being too harsh.


The Dish said...

I agree with you! Instead of texting to donate $10, I have donated to my cousin's inlaws charity that is actually there, with an established clinic, and the set up to do good already.

Doc said...

Im with you. Why ask for donations fro things they don't need. no wmaybe if they are collecting items to have a garage sale to send money maybe, but unless you can collect and send them infrastructure and new roads bridges and clean water. Keep it to yourself. Text like I did.

Christine said...

Glad I am not alone in this. To me it is like those people that give stained and damaged clothes to good will. If you wouldn't be caught dead in it, why would someone else want it?

Shiny Rod said...

I posted a list of things they need on my blog last week. It came from the Feds list of things to give. Money, water, blood, that is all. Anything else is pointless until the start getting the infrastucture back up and peoples homes are being rebuilt.

Vinomom said...

I could not agree more. It's like sending a stove to the Homeless. What is the fucking point??

And since there has been such an issue in people actually getting there to help I would definitely donate to an organization that is already set up there, like you said.

Coffeypot said...

You are just being real. I don't trust any of those organizations.

Special K said...

I agree, it should always be money unless otherwise specified. Let the professionals decide what needs to be done with it, I am sure it changes all the time (the need) over the next year and they don't need things to have to store and move around.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I agree, too. The money is going to do far more good than anything else.

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Jay said...

It's funny because virtually all the big relief organizations and all the people running them keep saying that if you want to help, send cash. But, then on the local news I see people are gathering clothes and canned good and whatever and are going to try and take it all down there themselves. That's crazy. Auction that crap on E-Bay and send the cash.