Sunday, August 16, 2009

Okay Ladies. (And Gay Men)

You can help with a question that men have pondered since Adam and most recently my 21 year old son.

When a woman notices a man, what are the three things she notices first.

Personally mine this order...

Teeth (smile)



What say you?


Coffeypot said...

I can't tell's never happen to me.

razorbeck said...

Don't know but why has your blog gone invitation only?

Becky..AMHW said...

Shoulders, eyes, hygiene.

Olly said...

Eyes, smile, butt.

Special K said...

Gut (hopefully lack of one)

Special K said...

Well damn it their hair would be between teeth and eyes. If there is a combover it is a deal breaker, I am not against guys with lack of hair or even bald but if you are trying to pretend there is something there to style, do yourself a favor and just shave it. Greasy stringy, fine ass hair is not fooling anyone.

Jenny Fabulous said...


The Dish said...


The Husband got me hook, line, and sinker the first time we met...

GiGi said...

Eyes, Smile, and oddly

Karen said...

Build (I like guys a little on the pudgey side)



Vinomom said...

Gigi my bestfriend is crazy about the shoes too.

This one really makes me stop and ponder. I am kinda with Karen on "build" I want to say Broad Shoulders are the first thing I notice but that would really be something I like not necessarily notice.

I will go with

Clothes - I like a clean cut guy
Build - no skinny guys for me
Smile and/or Eyes - It depends how soon after meeting them I see a real smile I guess.

The Girl said...

Let's see:

1. Height
2. Teeth
3. Weight

I know - I'm terrible

cbyrns said...
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Christine said...

The shoes thing cracks me up. Gigi I demand further information! Do they need to be designer or just clean?

Girl, you aren't the least bit terrible. Until recently, I was always attracted to guys on the thinner side with firm arms and a tight butt. I then met someone quite the opposite with nice eyes and a cute smile. Personality really does have a lot to do with attraction but not initially.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Smile (teeth)
Hands (fingernails should be clean and not ratty looking)

Libby said...

...guys on the thinner side with firm arms and a tight butt....and maybe around mid-20s to 30, please??...oh, and if he's rich, it won't hurt in any way...:-)