Monday, August 3, 2009

I Love My Job. I Love My Job.

I just don't understand some people

My office is a great place to work. The hours are great, we give free health insurance to all full time employees, we have profit sharing, 401K, 17 days off a year and me as a boss.

Who could ask for anything more?

Apparently Dan.

Dan is fucking up his job and I am going to have to smack him upside the head to wake him the hell up.

Dan has been with the company for over 5 years in a professional capacity. I am not going to get too involved in his position but suffice to say, he gets paid whether he is productive or not. His productivity is expected. He needs to meet with a certain number of clients per day in order to assure money is brought into the business. About six months ago, I found out he was moving his appointments in order to leave early two or three days a week. In his mind, if he can jam people in before 2pm, he should be able to leave early.

Calmly I explained that either he is not giving the client the time they are paying for or if he is able to accommodate people in a shorter period of time, he should see more clients.

Unfortunately, this went in one ear and out the other. It wasn't long before I had to make an official policy that clients can not be rescheduled without direct authorization from me or the Prez. I informed the staff that they are not permitted to do this without said authorization even if directly ordered to do so by Dan.

Yes, this puts them in an awkward position and yes, that sucks. It is Dan's fault and if I were them, I would come down hard on his ass for putting them in such a shitty position.

This past Friday Dan came up with a plan. He had the staff move his appointments up and told them not to tell me! Yup, that was his big plan. Let's sneak out early and maybe Chris won't notice. What the hell is this? Junior High School?

Of course I noticed that at 2:30pm the only sound around the office was my stomach grumbling for lack of lunch. The waiting room was totally empty and so were most of the offices. Being the calm, cool boss I generally am, I lost my shit.

I came down pretty hard on the lady that called these clients and moved or cancelled them and she spilled all. Dan is usually Mr Social Butterfly and he comes in my office often to chat but he hasn't peered his head in once all day to say hi.

I wonder why.

I feel like shaking him and making him understand that he is going to end up losing his job. He seems to think he has total job security. NO ONE has total job security. I am pissed, the Prez is pissed, the secretary is pissed and the office has a chill to it today. He will never get a job like this again and I do believe he is too stupid to realize it.

Since I really do like the guy, I am not looking forward to the "shape up or ship out" lecture.



The Dish said...

That sucks! Hope you can make him see reason without having to fire his ass. Good luck.

coffeypot said...

Usually a knee to the nuts, a chop to the throat, a finger in each eye and clapping your palms over each ear usually gets an employee's attention. Then take him to lunch and drive by the unemployment line and let him see how long they are. He can golf or fish or screw his wife and or his girlfriend on the weekend.

John Gray said...

I had to smile when you said that your company gives 17 days holiday a year..
I am a UK nurse and I get 40!
U americans work too hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christine said...

Yeah John, we do. I would love to be able to be off a month a year and give my employees the same. Unfortunately, we all still want to get paid the same.

John Gray said...

blog more regulary if you can Christine
I love your blogx

Christine said...

Thanks. I am simply lazy. Next time I have no motivation, I will put on some mutton panties and squat in a piranha tank to get myself going.

John Gray said...

gross but funny

Evil Twin's Wife said...

OMGosh! I want to work for you! Give Mr. Sneaky Pete the boot and hire me. :-)

Coffeypot said...

If you do dawn some mutton panties, what ever they are, and squat in a piranha tank, send pics.

Jenny Fabulous said...

I just want to be a fly on the wall when he gets his ass handed to him! Oh PLEASE!

razorbeck said...

Yikes Christine even your humble Canadian borthers get more holidays then that

We get 2 weeks a year plus the 12 traditional and soon to be 13 traditional holidays

Christine said...

No Sean..I am not counting holidays. 17 days to do with what they want on top of the 8 paid holidays. (I think I counted that correctly)

Libby said...

christine--record it, & post it so we can hear you rip his ass please? lol!