Saturday, May 9, 2009

The sweet tingling of the ice cream truck bell sounds from down the block. I am ten years old with two quarters in my pocket and my mouth is already watering for the starched uniformed Good Humor Man to turn over my treat. My biggest dilemma is choosing whether I should get a Strawberry Shortcake or the brand new ice cream that has actual hard chocolate attached to the stick in the center.

The ring ring ring gets louder and conscious seeps slowly in. My crusted eyes peer at the red numbers of the clock radio. 5:45am.

“Someone better be fucking dead,” I said as I picked up the phone.


“Well if it isn’t, some wrong number is really pissed at you right now. Who the hell is this?”

“It’s Joe, I just game into the office before heading over to the hospital and the office is flooded.”

“What exactly do you mean by flooded?” I asked wide awake now.

“Flooded as in a blanket of water covering the floors and pouring out of the ceiling onto the counters which in case you’ve forgotten, is where you keep all the computers,” Joe offered.

Always the wit, even in crisis.

“Fine, I’ll page the building manager and be right down.”

He was there when I arrived explaining that a pipe had burst two floors above us and weren’t we fortunate that we weren’t as bad as them?

Yeah, real lucky.

So this has been a week full of water removal, floor fans, insurance agents and not knowing if sparks will fly anytime something is plugged into an electric outlet.

Stupid me was blogging how boring my life was.

Next time I shut the fuck up.


Bitchy McBitcherson said...

That sucks so bad! And I agree that you jinxed yourself! Hope life at work returns to normal ASAP for you.

namaste said...

that sounds like a giant headache! sucks. i hate tending to grownup shit like that.

i like the way you show the delay in waking to the phone cuz of the ringing ice cream truck bell in your dream. classic!


coffeypot said...

I'm not a morning person. I would have said, "Call me back when its' cleaned up." Then gone back to sleep.

I also had a sign on my wall that said,"In case of fire, throw this computer in...I'm going home."

vinomom said...

Great post - sucks about your office! Our basement flooded last year and it was such a nightmare!

As for me, I appreciate the boringness of life - cuz I don't want the drama that comes in it's place!

Hope said...

The Universe is pretty freaking twisted, aint' it?

Alex said...

Geez... that really sucks hardcore.

Anonymous said...

I get up
I walk
I fall down

I keep

Anonymous said...

I didnt mean to be anon ms. chris