Monday, May 25, 2009

Sometimes being a total blob is good for the soul.

Even if it is hell on the width of the ass.

I did nothing these past few days but watch movies and the rain. Florida hasn't been living up to its reputation as the sunshine state this past week. If the weather predictors are correct, the sun won't be shining this coming week either.

Really, I don't mind the rain. I like opening the windows wide and listen to the echos of the thunder. The kid is going a little stir crazy because she can't ride her new electric birthday scooter or go in the pool with her friends. I haven't been in the mood to have every kid in the neighborhood in either. "Why don't you play at THEIR house for a change"? I asked.

"Oh, their parents don't want the noise and mess."

Ahhh. I see.

So today I dropped her off at a school friends house that are always more than willing to have my angel over to mess up their house.

God Bless Um...

In the meantime the older kid who is going to lose his kid status in two months by turning 21, is whining about his lack of transportation. As if I can pull a nice new, fulling insured vehicle out of my ass.

He's gone through three cars since he has had his license. One he totalled and the other two he drove to a very painful death with them leaking their life blood onto my driveway. Three free cars and he has burned through all the people that his sob story might work on.

He says he can't afford his rent, books, insurance and a car payment... that case, let me go out to my money tree and supplement your income by an extra thousand bucks a month.

Sucks growing up kiddo.

So, that about sums up my boring weekend. Back to work tomorrow to listen to my full grown kids whining about how they are so under appreciated at their jobs and by their coworkers.

What does it say about my life that at this point, I am looking forward to it?


coffeypot said...

That's the fun of being a boss on the day after a three day weekend. Cracking the whip and pouring salt in the wounds and getting all that family and fun out of their systems. Man, I miss that. The smell of fear in the morning and all the moaning and groaning…can you record it for me and put it on YouTube?

Christine said...

Although it SHOULD bother me that they are scared shitless of me, I do kinda enjoy it. All someone needs to hear is "Christine wants to see you" and you can almost feel the air in the room change.

namaste said...

yeah, we're cutting the purse strings over here too. our daughter turns 21 at the end of the year.

i love thunderstorms too! it's so soothing.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm sure looking forward to tomorrow. The Evil Twin goes back to work, my oldest goes back to school and peace and order will be back in my world. LOL.

vinomom said...

I get sick of having the kids over at my place too. Some days I just cannot deal with it.

You are definitely making the right choice with the older kid. They gotta grow up sometime.

Olly said...

Nice to be the popular kool-aid Mom, but sometimes you just want to kill them Same thing happens at our house, too. I think I spend more money on snacks and wii games...

razorbeck said...

I got my first car from my sister because she couldnt afford the parking in Winnipeg but I paid for everything after that. Luckily In surance up here is cheap as Borscht

I think in 1985 the insuranc e for my 1973 dodge dart swinger was $ 250.00 per year

My parents never financed my life past the age of 18. They did me a favour though its hard to accept at the time

By the way the full ride of insurance on my 2008 Ford Super Duty extended cab truck... $1,100.00 per year. Gawd damn its great being a socialist