Monday, June 23, 2008

Aahhh Chhooo.

I am sick.

Unfortunately, I am not high fever, lay in bed and don’t care if the world goes to shit around you sick. No, I am not lucky like that. I am just sick enough that I feel like shit but must function in daily life. Although I am fixing life’s ass by coughing and sneezing all over the fucker.

So there.

They say a cold is three days coming and three days going. According to that formula, I should have been on the road to recovering just about……….wait for it…….


Those theys are fucking liars.

I am not better than I was yesterday, as a matter of fact, I am not better than I was ten fucking minutes ago. I am miserable and whiny and I want my Mommy.

I would call her except she would come over, feel my head, pronounce I have no fever, roll her eyes and go home to call everyone and tell them how she had to spend the night taking care of her eldest…who, as it happens, is such a wimp.

So there will be no calling of the matriarch tonight.

Good thing too because my daughter has been on the phone with her friends for hours. She’s nine. What the fuck do they have to talk about for hours? Old times?

Whatever, at least she is out of my fucking hair so I can wallow in self pity to my dogs who have not left my side all day. Although that could be because I haven’t had the strength or motivation to feed them but I prefer to think of it as loyalty at its most pure and simple.

Maybe I do have that fever.

Isn't it amazing how much snot can actually come out of a person’s nose? Where does this goo come from exactly? A must have snot rags totally one or two gallons of the junk with no end in site. What? Too much information. Hey, I didn't invite you here, you came all on your own.

Mother did just call to pronounce that “Summer colds are the WORST! You will probably be sick for weeks.”

Thanks, Ma. Love you too.


Jay said...

Sorry your sick. Hit the NyQuil and get a good night's sleep!

Special K said...

A wise old doctor once told me. If it ain't better in 7 days it needs antibiotics. If it has improved, it's a virus.
Colds are about the same. 7 days...(said in Samara voice....bwa ha ha ha ha)

razorbeck said...

Sure now who's the whiner lol

Get better soon

The Doggy Did It said...

Your mom is so sweet!

Christine said...

Yeah well, I fixed Mom's ass. I have arrived at the ..can't breath..fever...and need to make a trip for an xray place.

So there.

Burfica said...

yeah I always wonder where that much snot comes from. My husband says I'm blowing out brain matter. I would hit him, but some days I tend to agree. Maybe I can just act real stupid and tell everyone I snotted all my brains out.

Well shit I'm not blonde that acting stupid thing won't work.

Hope you feel better. You can have my cough and I'll gladly take your snot.

Olly said...

Oh no...sick at home just when the kids finish school. Nothing worse than trapped with your own kids. I've been in serious denial about it all week. Been to the hairdresser, had a couple spa treatments. Still depressed.
Yeah, what do nine (or in my case, 10) year olds talk about so much? I've never been that compelled to listen in.
Feel better soon! I hear rum helps. Couldn't hurt!

coffeypot said...

I would be glad to come over and give you a shot of petercillen. It won’t make you well, but it will make me feel better.

Libby said...

lol@coffeypot! now THAT is a true giver!!

fabooboo said...

Hope you are feeling better now.

Colin Brooks said...

I really hope you're feeling better by now! Think about it this way, you're losing a lot of weight... Hope this helps. *laughs ass off*