Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This is Dane Cook.

This is Dane Cook being funny.

See, no difference.

The guy’s not funny. Not funny at all.

Not even mouth goes up with a hint of a smile funny.

However, the dude sells out where ever he performs.

He sold out Madison Square Fucking Garden for God’s sake.

So I got to thinking….whose asses were filling the 20,000 seats at the Garden? What demographic has the inability to distinguish funny from notsomuch funny?

I knew it couldn't’t be the baby boomers. We invented commentary stand up after having just about enough of the pies in the face and the one ringydingys of Laugh In.

Now seeing that I didn’t see many walkers or canes in the aisles, I had to surmise that it is the people under 30 that think this crack pot has talent.

Ignoring the fact that he is accused of stealing other people’s jokes…he obviously picked some bad ones, his stand up has no punchlines. They are just ramblings about…well about nothing that go nowhere.

True I grew up to comedic genius of Richard Pryor and Steve Martin. Later Robin Williams, Sam Kinison progressing into the likes of Lewis Black and Dave Chapelle.

Then this…this….I am sorry but I can’t call him a comedian..this guy comes along who lacks creativity, imagination and quite obviously a sense of humor.

My 19 year old son thinks he is hysterical. When I ask why, he is unable to explain it. When pressed he replied “I just can relate to things he says.”

“What? The one about kicking doors in for no particular reason or about how manipulative and stinging a woman can be with words. Can you tell me specifically what it is you “relate” to?”

“Mom, you just don’t get it.” Which is very true.

Perhaps you do and if you do, please take a minute to comment and explain it to me. I must be missing something.


Olly said...

Never heard of him.

Ah...Early Steve Martin and Robin Williams. Great laughs. Do you remember Gallager?

Norman said...

never heard of him either.

but he's frickin' HAWT

i'd do him

coffeypot said...

I will be more than glad to enlighten you as soon as I figure out who he is. Who is he?

I'm a war baby, before boomers, and I have seen the classic comics such as Sid Creaser, Jack Benny, George Burns and Gracie Allen, Bob Hope and Johnny Carson. They are still funny.

Libby said...

omg, christine, i'm very ashamed to say this, but i laughed my ass off at this...and i did go thru & watch all of them! but you know what? don't depend on MY opinion, for God's sake...i think fart jokes are the pinnacle of humor...

Special K said...

Must be a generation gap. I don't get him either.
Now some Richard Pryor? I get.

Burfica said...

I don't get him, maybe younger generation gets him, cuz they have to do nothing, be responsible for nothing and dont' have to work to get everything.

Not my kid, he's gonna work his ass off for every little thing. So he probably won't think he's funny either.

Karen said...

I like him personally. I get that humor. Most of my male friend don't like him. I always thought they were jealous. But maybe you have a point. :)

razorbeck said...

Okay he is about as funny as a dubya speach.

Terry said...

I agree with you 100% Chris.
He wouldn't have lasted 15 seconds on Britain's Got Talent.

Christine said...

Yes Olly, I remember Gallagher. As a matter of fact I saw him at Wesbury Music Fair years ago under a plastic sheet.

Jay said...

He's about as funny as a bad rash. And just as annoying.

Slick said...

I think the guy is an idiot honestly.

I watched one his specials and laughed maybe 3 times. 3 times.

In one hour.

I think he needs a new job.

Wish he would let me have his old one. ;)

The Doggy Did It said...

I dunno...I am 32 and I can see some funny, but I am also a BIG fan of the classics...Eddie Murphy (when he was funny), Pryor, Williams, Cosby...but Dane Cook is ok.

And yes he is hot.

If you have not seen Good luck chuck, I recommend it if you like porn...I'm just sayin.

Malcolm said...

I was channel surfing a few years ago and caught the ep of SNL that was guest hosted by Dane Cook. I caught his unfunny monologue and that was all I needed to see. As for him selling out the Garden, maybe he has 20,000 relatives. That's the only reasonable explanation I can up with right now.

By the way, I found your blog via Jay (aka Cynical Bastard). Your comments that female comics aren't funny caught my attention. You may already be familiar with her and don't think she's funny, but I find Lisa Lampanelli hilarious. She's like the female version of Don Rickles.

Christine said...

Also saw Lisa Lampanelli live with a gal pal last year at the Hard Rock. The thing about her is that she is funny the first time..maybe the second..but she really just insults people and rather unoriginally at that. We get it..she likes "the blacks" and Hispanics are unemployed and gays like show tunes.

After a time or two she just becomes redundant.

Colin Brooks said...

Right there with you. And keep in mind I'm in the target group he's aiming for. He's definitely not funny.

He's one of the very few people that bring out the "I want to kick him in the neck" facet of my personality. I think his humour is stupid in the true meaning of the word. It's empty and there's hardly any thought behind it as in there's no wit. It's the easy humour that the so called MTV generation likes. No offence to the people that like him. I'm not attacking you, just him.