Thursday, February 25, 2010

It was about that time that I needed to upgrade my cell phone.  Even though I was perfectly happy with the one I had that was a foot long and required my passenger to stick an antenna out an open window, I was getting too many complaints. 

So I did what ever conscientious consumer does.  I researched reports, compared pricing and features and shopped plans. 

And if you believe that I have a very nice sturdy bridge in Brooklyn I am selling cheap.

What I actually did was ask opinions.  Friends, coworkers, people on the street....

"Hey Dude!  Can you do anything special with your cell phone?"

Which more often than not was followed by "Get the fuck away from me, you freak."

Finally an ex friend told me I might like a Blackberry.  I say Ex because I hate his fucking guts and would like to slap him and his mother for giving birth to him.

Currently I am looking down at it while it vibrates and flashes and I don't know what the fuck it wants.  Should I feed it?  Does it want to go for a walk?  Does it need to potty?  I have no idea but it is damn persistent what ever it is.  I tried to press some buttons but all it did was make some chime noises which I assume is its way of laughing at me.

I have two choices.  I can google the instructions and learn how to use it OR I can put the fucker back in the box and send it back to hell  AT&T.

I will let you all figure out which one I am going to choose.


Anonymous said...

Is it the BB Storm? My dad got one and it was waaaayyy too much for him. I tried to figure it out and it was too much for me, too. I am overwhelmed by most of what's in my life, I don't need my phone to add to it. I stick w/ a simple camera phone. Good luck!

razorbeck said...

It has three basic rings 1 for phone, different one for texts, different one for emails. The basics are relatively easy to figure out and the best feature..... Even on loud it vibrates 2 times rings 3 times and automatically goes to voice mail. So very easy to ignore

Christine said...

Razor..was that english? Was someone supposed to understand one word of that comment because whooopppp..right over my head.

Karen said...

I have Iphone. For me it is great, but I want to do everything and I love being on edge of technology.

Some people just need basic call making and nothing else.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I just have a regular flip phone that also has a camera and can send/receive text msgs and photos. In fact, we have the pay as you go plan from Virgin Mobile and have used it for years. Love it.

Doc said...

I want a blackberry!

GiGi said...

I use my cell phone to talk. That is all. No texting, unless necessary, and I am pretty sure 95% of the phone's functions are unknown to me at this time. I don't care. Hate cell phones. IN particular, my husband's Blackberry - which I have dreams of smashing.

Anonymous said...

Even though my BB is astronomically expensive (the data plan not the phone) I frickin love it and long ago decided I could NOT live without it. I love being able to get email, texts, update Facebook and Twitter anytime I want. The apps are also pretty cool. Just give yourself a week or two - you will love it as well!

Christine said...

Vino,,that is exactly what someone in my office said. SHe told me she felt like jumping up and down on it too when she first got it but now can't live without it. We shall see.

The Dish said...

I am a technology whore and would be lost without my phone. Mr. Burns'? I would love to shove it straight up her ass. And might if she doesn't put the damn thing on vibrate...

I agree with Vino. Once you figure out how to use you will wonder how you ever survived with out it.

Mrsblogalot said...

LOFL! Let's talk more about the ex-friend who's mother you want to bitch slap. (-:

Sure is hot down here in At&t hell.

Four Dinners said...

Oh YES!!!!

I am not alone!!!

I was due an upgrade for 3 years and finally went to get one.

'You can watch movies and listen to the latest music and send messages to Mars on this Sir'

"I want a phone"

'I don't understand'

"A P.H.O.N.E."

'A what?'

"A phone that I can phone people on and they can phone me on"

'I see. We have this thing that looks like a brick'

"I'll take it!!!"

Tgoette said...

I just upgraded last year to a similar phone and I was also intimidated by its many features.

Now I love it and can't imagine being without it. I even named it.

I call it Arthur.

Christine said...

Wow TG, I named mine too. I call it Piece of Shit.

Abood said...

Hahahaha! I hate those things! Nokia owns! XD