Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Submarine Races

Thanks Sis for sending. I have money on the race.

Speaking of money, congratulations to Special K for not having a fucking dime in her pockets or purse and loving her little plastic cards. I, for one, am not ready to go that route but it appears many of you kids are far more trusting in technology than I am.

SK, email me with your address for your pity prize. :-)


razorbeck said...

LOL Bitter much Chris

By the way I updated so no more nasty messages

razorbeck said...

Ha Ha I apparently killed commenting on your blog

Christine said...

What, people have nothing to say about this interesting post?

I am amazed?!

Special K said...

I am here! LOL
O.K. I do take cash when I go further away from home and on vacations too.
I won something! COOL!
Will email you in a bit.