Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Game

Okay kids, the previous post has made me curious. There are far too many of you gainfully employed people out there walking around without a cent.

So let's play a game.

Reach into your pockets, wallets, purses and desk draws. Every penny counts even the one stuck to the old certs at the bottom of your purse or the dime glued down by god knows what in your desk drawer that will be there years after you leave. You kids across the pond can play but with the current exchange rates, your dollar is worth about $95 of ours so you probably don't have a chance.

How much cash do you have on you? To make it interesting, the winner gets more than just the chance to be publicly mocked by me. I'll send you a roll of nickels to use in the event you're in front of me on line at Albertson's.

Currently, I have

2 Twenties

1 Five

3 Singles

$2.81 in change and

2 once white but now sort of gray tic tacs.

What say you?

**Game ends Tuesday May 27th at 5pm due to the US holiday weekend.


The Doggy Did It said...

I have two twenties, a five, and 7 singles. I also have a ton of change and some loose bobby pins at the bottom of my purse, but I am not counting it.

I have cash this week because, someone owed me money. Woot.

Colin Brooks said...

I thought I'd play anyway even though the British Pound is stronger than the American Dollar at the moment. Right now in my wallet I have:

2 Twenties (about $39 each so $79)
1 Tenner (about $20)
1 Two Pound coin (about $4)
3 One Pound coins (about $2 each so $5.90)
£1.74 in silver and copper penny coins ($3.44)
2 Debit Cards
1 Credit Card
A "few" membership and loyalty cards
and 1 condom

Christine said...

Yeah,,Colin is fucked..(but at least he has the condom). I really love the idea of coins for one and two dollars. It seems like everyone in the world does that except for we backassed Americans. I know we have tried the dollar coin for years but people are slow to change, they just need to stop making paper single dollar bills. Maybe the next prez should nominate me for Secretary of the Treasury. I'd even give out free samples.

Karen said...

Remember yesterday when I say "I never carry cash". Well today I have:

9 Twenties
1 Ten
6 Singles
$ 6.78 in change

Way to make a liar out of me. :)

Colin Brooks said...

christine :: Yeah, I didn't expect to win. There is a plus side to having singles as notes. All these coins make my wallet really fat and I hate it. I hate it I tell ya! Sometimes I need to put my wallet in my pocket and it makes my ass look all unbalanced. As if the doctor gave up half way through the liposuction or installing the butt implants.

Olly said...

I have:
1 ten dollar bill
1 five dollar bill
6 twoonies
1 loonie
and about 2 bucks in various clanky bits of change.
3 advil

razorbeck said...

okay in my pockerts i have

1 6mm wrench
1 nut (yeah yeah but dont carry the other 2 in my pocket
1 pocket knife
8 twenties
2 fives
no change i keep that in my truck

in my desk I have

5 twenties
an ungodly amount of change probably like 40 to 50 bucks

Thanks for the reminder Chris its soon time to go to the bank

Terry said...

In my pocket I've got £1.87 in loose change.
Mandy wants to know why I'm on my hands and knees counting it.

Libby said...

christine- i am so fucked as far as this game goes! i'm wearing a pair of sweats, so no pockets...(as if i ever would need them!)
here on the desk, i have 1 $10 bill, and 7 quarters, 5 dimes, and my debit cd!

Anonymous said...

3 - $20
1 - $10
5 - $1

0.76 in change
5 Swiss francs
5 Rand

A lot for me

Jay said...

If I was heading to the strip club tonight I'd have a stack of singles and 20's, but unfortunately I'm not.

Like Karen normally I don't have any cash on hand, but I just happen to have some today.

1 20
1 10
3 5's
3 1's

And about $17 in loose change in my little change counter thingy.

And I have an envelope with a four hundreds and five twenties in it hidden somewhere for emergencies.

Christine said...

Proud of you, Jay. That is what I am talking about...the emergency cash thing. The trick is to forget it's there when it is before payday and you're out of milk.

razorbeck said...

tsk tsk tsk Chris proper fiscal management should mean you never run out of money before payday and except for holding cash in the event of a cash only transaction the emergency fund should be hidden away in your bank account

Okay boring lecture over lol

Christine said...

Sure Razor...just try to get money out of the bank in the event of a hurricane, tornado or earthquake when everything is closed.
Emergency cash is for an dire emergency...not if the water heater floods the basement that is called "savings".

Norman said...

.83 cents

however...i have a husband who likes to rummage thru my purse and take the money out.

i also have 3 kids who like to take my money.

In other words, I live among thieves.

Christine said...

Nice of them to leave you the .83 cents! Geez.

razorbeck said...

Aww Chris don't take it personal I am just having a laugh an besides

Hurricanes don't happen this far inland

Earth Quakes not even a hope

Tornadoes We had one 5 years ago it did about 500 dollars damage to a house trailer lol

Its cold here in the winter but....

Christine said...

Take it personal. LOL.

Yeah...I was really pissed and am banning you from ever commenting again for not having hurricanes. Actually I hope this year is a weak season like last year. I think I finally paid off replacing the roof!

coffeypot said...

Thirty two cents and my debit card.

Pumpkin said...

Hey Chris,

In my purse, I have

1: €50
1: €20

and €4.00 in change (cigarette money)

I have used my debit card ONCE to buy about 3 quids worth of stuff, but I was a student, skint and impervious to the killer stares I was getting from those behind me.

By the way, having worked for different types of boss in the past, i'd have to say that you sound of the strict but fair variety, and I always find those the best kind to work for.

Special K said...

I have nothing. Let me tell you why. I have all my money in the bank, I never physically have to GO to the bank therefore I don't have cash. Everything is direct deposited and handled online. YAY!
I think debit cards are faster than cash due to the slow counters on both ends, cashier and customer. Those that cannot use a debit card quickly should have it taken away. Seriously.