Wednesday, April 23, 2008

TLP, the one lady in blogsville who I wish would adopt me but who seems to be smart enough to refuse, had a terrific post last.....errrr..... whenever. Was it original? I don't know nor do I give a shit but it got a ten from the kewl table in any case.
I would cut and paste it, but fuck that. Go read it yourself. I've got more important shit to bitch about.

Ya know, what she had to say is all well and good but what the fuck do you do with all the people who think you are their friend that send you this shit? Or worse, the folks that are actually from the same gene pool but unfortunately, the best part of them ran down their Momma's leg?

Do you send them the Snopes link and make them feel like a total loser or do you just allow them to think they are sharing their all important news with the world and feel good about themselves?
Or do you use the more direct approach and tell them if they ever send you such bullshit again, you will go to their house and threaten to bash their fucking skull in if they ever put one more bit of this bullshit in your inbox.

How the fuck am I suppose to find the coupons for free shipping and buy one get one frees when all these jerkwads are cluttering up my in box with all their cutesy angels praying for me?
Unless the angel has a coupon for 50% off my entire order, I ain't interested.


Special K said...

I haven't read the link yet but I have a feeling of what you are talking about.
If someone sends me that crap I email back simply.
Hey, before you send me anything, or anyone else for that matter?
Check out


It is amazing how long it has been since I got that crap.
Still have some Precious Moments now and then on an email but she is a sweet friend and we all have our vices.

Special K said...

Hee! Read it now. She made my day! Thanks for the link!

The Doggy Did It said...

I was totally going to go read it but I was busy sending out all my chain mail for the day.

Its a lot of work making sure that I don't get a incurable disease, lose my lover, or have my penis fall off.

But seriously, I sooo hate the your my friend, I love you, so here is a gay ass email with a thousand gay ass pictures in it, and if you don't pass it on, and back to me, your are not my friend anymore...

FACK YOU! I did not wanna be your friend in the first place, I don't even like you.

razorbeck said...

Hey Chris on that other matter

You know me I am s simple man and always willing to make a donation, just don't ask me to help with the work lol

Burfica said...

I get a bit aggravated. And I delete them all, but the one's that insanely piss me off and make me write whoever sent it and use my entire cuss vocabulary. They are the one's that threaten you or a loved one with such bad luck that someone will die if you don't send it on.

Those make me so angry I hurt people. heheheheheh

No no that was not a confession. hehehehehe