Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ok kids. Here's a serious question. Actually it is a three parter so I'll wait a sec while you put your thinking caps on.

1. At what age would you consider a woman too old to give birth and raise a baby?

2. At what age would you consider a man too old to raise a baby?

3. What is the oldest woman that you know personally that has given birth to a healthy child?


Special K said...

Christine? Are you fixing to drop some big news on us? Was Germany that fun?

OK I will do what you asked.

1. At what age would you consider a woman too old to give birth and raise a baby? Not a specific age but I will say 45 because is you can retire the same year as your child graduates you might be too old and quite possibly won't have the stamina to deal with teenage issues. There is always that young vibrant 50 year old that will work until the age of 82 and die at 100 so you never know.

2. At what age would you consider a man too old to raise a baby? 20. They can't raise babies. Sorry.

3. What is the oldest woman that you know personally that has given birth to a healthy child? Personally? 41.

Jillian said...

1. I think anything after 35 is pushing it. (which sucks because this is probably when I'll have my first brat).

2. Men? Around 40 or so.

3. My mom. She had me at 35. Don't know anyone personally who has had kids older than that, I've read stories though.

Boo said...

Christine......do I have to drag you out back and wallop you???

I'm in agreement with Special K and I have known 2 women who were 44. They are crazy and happy.

Does this mean SCM is moving back in? Did he ever officially or literally move out??

OldHorsetailSnake said...

39. 45. 36. Is this a numbers game?

razorbeck said...


Did somebody forget to wear their little rubber raincoat?

The Doggy Did It said...

Women have babies past 40 all the time now. I think that it depends on the person really.

Oh, and men cannot raise kids, although it does seem strange that we are not really permitted to have kids past 40 or so, and 35 is pushing it, but men can have babies as long as they can get it up.

I am 32 and pregnant with my second and last child...but I have lots of girlfriends that have very young kids and they are in their 40s.

Christine said...

No, there isn't a little Christine baking. A male friend of mine who is in his early 40s said he was too old to start a family. I thought that was crazy so I am throwing it out there to see what you all think.
Am I planning another kid? You'll be some of the first to know.

Libby said...

chris-a woman? 40
a guy? 45, if he really wants one...
my mom had me when she was 42...sometimes rocky, but overall, very happy!

coffeypot said...

1. I read cases of women giving birth in their 50's, but that is pushing the limit. However, with todays medical treatments, you could have one safely into your late 40's.

2. I agree with k on that one. I was too young then and now, at 63, I still too young. But I would take my grandkids in a heart beat.

3. My mom. She had my baby brother at 43.

razorbeck said...

Okay heres my honest answer
I am 39(insert appropriate cling on joke here), I honestly can't see starting a family now. Its not that I don't like kids but the sleepless nights and shitty diapers seem far too daunting at this point. Having said that if I was too forget to wear my rubber boots(subtle joke about a foot long) and had kids at this point I would of course just get on with it and try to do right by them. Its just that I don't think I would seek out kids at this point.

As for how old for women? My oldest cousin is olderer than my youngest aunt, so as long as you are willing to do the work i don't know if there is a limit. Except that there is the well known correlation between the age of the mother and the possibility of birth defects or complications

Burfica said...

I think women are pushing it way to far. Having complications with them and the kids. My opinion is have them before 35.

Men would make better fathers older they are, at least 45 or older.

I knew a woman had a baby at the age of 46.

Jim Latchford said...

#1) Physical or mental? Physically, from what all I have read or heard on the subject, there is no real upper age limit on when a woman should no longer consider having a baby. With the proper and consistent medical attention throughout the pregnancy, the chances in the western world to give birth to a healthy child for women even in the early to mid-50's is pretty good...assuming that the proper tests are prescribed to rule out detectable birth defects. Mentally? There are some women (and men) who shouldn't be parents under any circumstance...but unfortunately that usually doesn't come to light until after the child(ren)begin to socially interact with the world at large. Then you catch yourself asking silently, "What in the world were they thinking!?!"

#2) For men...physically there is no set upper limit. We're made, barring any medical issues, to shoot "live bullets" well past our prime. For me personally, I think some serious thought should be given to becoming a father much past the age of 40. Again, it depends on so many external circumstances...mental outlook, maturity, finances. Who can say what will transpire over the first twenty years of a child's life? My daughter turns 23 this Thursday and I just turned 60 (do the math).
We have a great relationship, but I would have much prefered that she would be turning 23 and I 50. I would like to know, Lord willing, that I have plenty of years before me to see her eventual children grow up to the point that they drive her to mental distraction! It's only fair.

Karen said...

1. For a woman - 40

2. For a man - 50ish

3. Known personally - 41

donna said...