Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Am Home

What would a Christine trip be without body searches, missing luggage and threats of German incarceration? Yeah, story to come.


Burfica said...

Welcome home, can't wait for the story about it all. I love the pictures!!!!

coffeypot said...

I'm standig at attention here in the chair waiting on the story about the body search. Where you a naughty girl and needed to be roughed up a little? Come on, tell us.

Jillian said...

Well I'm interested!

Special K said...

I know you enjoyed the body search. Did you get a cavity search?
Now everytime you are MIA I am going to think you are off playing Hogan's Heroes and getting into trouble.
Don't make me come down there young lady!


razorbeck said...

okay Chris get off yer arse and get to blogging. I might even update if you twist my arm