Monday, November 23, 2009

I have some very important advice for you kewl kids...

If you decide to date someone with a similar name as your last partner, do not list them next to each other in your phone.  Sending text messages to the wrong one can lead to some pretty intense back pedaling followed by awkward silences.  Those silence can and often do lead to being shown one half of a peace sign through a car window and a mouthing of either fuck you or you're wonderful in every way. 

I couldn't quite make it out.

I will say that I kinda dig dating someone that calls me out on my bullshit.  It is refreshing to actually be told that I just happened to have screwed up big time and it was totally unacceptable.  Even in four letter words and hand gestures.

What I can't stand is the silences and pouting that some gentleman excel at disguised  as  wanting to avoid conflict. 

Does that actually work for anyone?

At my ripe age of..errrrrr...29, I don't know what I want in a man.  Well, besides a lot of sex and a  I do know what I don't want.  I don't ever want to have to guess what someone else is thinking or feeling.  That is the most manipulative thing a person can do.  Also, a man who would rather pout than say what he thinks should take a Midol because he is already acting like a woman so he may as well bleed from the crotch like one. 

Do I want to be told to go fuck myself?  Well, not every day but there is something to be said for being direct about your feelings even if that does involve words you can't say in front of Nana.

Now I really need to change that damn address book because I can't take having to apologize more than once a month.  My ego simply won't allow me to admit to be wrong that much.


Karen said...

I know what I want in a man. Just someone who can make me laugh and is kind. Everything else is negotiable.

Cell phones just get us in too much trouble.

Coffeypot said...

I don't particularly want anything in a man, but what I want most in a woman

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Uh oh! My want list was pretty simple: good sense of humor, taller than me and nice hands. The Evil Twin is the tri-fecta!

Christine said...

Karen: I used to have a list that short..until I met guys that were funny and kind until an issue came up and then they weren't so kind anymore.

CP: Very clever :-)

ETW: Nice hands is an interesting trait. I never really thought about it. I think I am more of a teeth person if I got right down to it. Bad teeth would be a dealbreaker.

Olly said...

Oh, that's too funny! I haven't screwed up like that since my teen years when a few girlfriends and I held contests to see how many guys we could string along at once. Ya, I all came crashing down, but fun times.
And I'm sure he was saying "your wonderful in every way" Just a feeling though...

justme said...

oh, i did one like that, except i had said something that was true about a friend, that i wouldn't have necessarily told her....and inadvertantly, i did. yikes. that feeling that you have when you get called out on it...there are NO WORDS to describe that feeling in your chest/limbs/head/everywhere.