Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I have discovered it is extremely difficult to run a small company and still manage to stalk an ex boyfriend effectively. I know we all have to prioritize in this busy no nonsense world, but what does one do when one’s tasks seem equally important?


I could be a responsible and efficient business woman making proactive decisions regarding the future of an extreme lucrative healthcare business


I could work on not being spotted while following his vehicle, cleverly swiping and returning his mail to check for love letters and dressing for success in outfits of green with brown prints to blend in with the shrubbery around his house.

Why is life so full of hard choices?


Coffeypot said...

What? You haven't hired a PI to place bugs in his living room and bedroom? Cameras? Tracking device on the bumper of his car?

You can record all this stuff and get all the information you want in the comfort of your living room and still be the mogul maven you need to be. Rookie!

Otherwise you are leaving an opening for a restraining order.

Christine said...

Oh CP..you know as well as I do that anything worth doing is worth doing yourself... Besides, I would miss that cute paranoid look on his face when he is not quite sure if that is the same white toyota that he could have sworn was a couple of cars behind him when he pulled off the parkway 45 minutes ago.

The Dish said...

Christine- You need minions. One to do your real job and 1 to help you stalk. I am willing to relocate to sunny Florida and work for cheap!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I think this calls for adjusted time management skillz. Like maybe only stalk during your lunch hour and the hours of 5 to 7 pm. Hmmmm, or you might want to mix it up a bit, so he doesn't get TOO paranoid.

Shiny Rod said...

Or you can call Dexter and have him disappear...LOL

Christine said...

Dish..you're hired. As ETW said, perhaps you could just take over for a couple of hours twice a day so I can stalk in peace with no outside pressure.

Rod..what fun would it be if he disappeared? I would just have to find someone else to stalk. You volunteering??

Shiny Rod said...

Christine, you can stalk me any time you want!!!LOL

razorbeck said...

I think we should set up a suport group for Chris and then we could get 24 hour coverage on the stalking front with out exhausting the members we could do shifts like 4 days on 4 days off with hourly updates on twitter or text. I am a little too conspicuous so I will have to strictly do vehicle based surveilance and co-ordination

ORRRRRR I could have a laugh because I guess the ex is accusing you of stalking his arse around? Is it Dr. Todd or the long time tweety bastard?

Besides I thought you had a FORD

Christine said...

RB..you always crack me up. I think you really have the perfect plan. Maybe we could all dress in black and I'll get us name tags and those kewl walkie talkies/phone/bottle opener combos.

(shhhh, no one has accused me of stalking yet..I am trying to keep this on the down low)

YAY Fords! I plan to buy the new Taurus very soon.

razorbeck said...

I hear the new taurus id a hot little number with some classic lines..... kind of like you!

*Polishes brown nose*

Libby said...

christine...ditch the 'name tags' option, then i might be in!