Friday, June 12, 2009

Why am I over 40 and still getting fucking hormone zits??!! I would think that would be ONE advantage of old age. No more white puss to squeeze out of inflamed pores.

Apparently not.

At least the oily skin problem tends to decrease the aging process so I do have that.

However, it is a bit odd having to dab the Oxy10 on the skin eruption while gingerly placing moisturizer that has the same consistency as Crisco on any area that is prone to wrinkle.

Getting older sucks.

My Things To Do Before I Die list is not getting any shorter so I am thinkin' I had better get busy. Since I made this list when I was a tad younger and had more energy, I will be crossing off the Heliskiing and joining a caravan in the Sahara. What the hell was I thinking!?

The hot air balloon ride and the learning of another language are more my speed these days.

If I wait much longer I'll be left with the desire to be able to wipe my ass without assistance and make it an entire night without peeing the bed.

So, I have decided that I WILL cross something off the list this summer.

Anyone want to join me in Antarctica?


Libby said...

Antarctica?? WTF are you talking about?? what's the matter with tropicl beaches, & pina coladas?? i'll go with you in my head, but i like WARM!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Libby - Why in god's name would you ever desire to visit Antartica? Send me the pics when you get back :)

Yeah and I still get the moster zits too AND I've started using that Regenerist stuff from Oil of Olay.

Christine said...

Just to say I've been there. I also need to get to Asia, Africa and AUstralia to complete the 7 continent thing. A friend of mine already did those and I am jealous of the experience..but not the plane rides.

razorbeck said...

I had a web buddy who used to work down there 6 months at a time. He said becareful of the sea lions they arent the cute barking things you see in the zoo

And you do know that summer here is winter there don't you? Pack atleast 4 pairs of underarmour in progressively larger sizes so you can comfortably layer them

Them penguins arent from disney either, just saying!

namaste said...

antarctica? umm... no.

my face has been breaking out lately too. so frustrating when the body is unfuckincooperative.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

You're right about being lucky to have some oily skin. The Evil Twin has very oily skin - he will turn 50 next month and you'd think he was 30. I deal with the occasional "snow cap" while slathering my face in the heavy duty moisturizer. One of them things, I guess. LOL.

Olly said...

Antarctica? I'm in!!! And??? I'll joing you on that hot air balloon ride, too. Sadly though, I haven't been able to get back on a float plane since thinking I was going to die in one before Christmas, so that's first on my list to tackle.

coffeypot said...

Hell no. If I want something that cold I'll snuggle up to my ex-wife.

Libby said...

lol @ coffeypot! i hope to be remembered so clearly in the future!