Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bourbon and Vicodin

Do you think it was bad that I okayed the Banana kid to go sleep over a friend's instead of hangin' with Stinky Cheese Man for Father's Day?

Yeah...thought so...

Well, I did manage to steal one of those free gifts for him that the office suppliers give me for spending a bigazzlion dollars a year on pencils and post it notes.

Aren't I a helluva gal?

Do you think I have to wrap it? I wonder if I can use one of those Princess Jasmine holders that I filled with useless crap for the Banana's goody bags at this year's birthday gala.

I was even contemplating getting him a card but the "I Hate You But Thanks For the Sperm so I Could Gestate the Most Awesome Kid in the World" cards were all taken. Just my luck.

I did manage to come up with a gift for MY most awesome Dad. I pinned him down and said if he doesn't come up with something he is going to have to have lunch with all three of his kids at the restaurant of his choice.

He handed me an ad from the bass fishing place for a rod hanger the very next day.

Wait... Should I be insulted?

At least it was on sale.

Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody so I think I will make some popcorn (the real stuff, not that microwave fake crap) shove Moonstruck into the DVD player and lament about my many failed relationships.

Either that or take up my friend's vice of Vicodin and Bourbon. Somehow his seems much more fun.

Peace Kids. Catch ya on the flip side.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

At least you got an idea of what he wanted. The Evil Twin and I don't exchange gifts for holidays, my dad is deceased and I can't take my MIL's husband, so I'm totally off the hook! :-)

vinomom said...

Yeah I didn't get Haley's dad a card for the same reason. They were all out of those.

Roscoe (the dog) did get Scott a card though.

Glad you found something for your dad. I just called mine, didn't even get a card in the mail. I suck like that though.

Libby said...

good job on the present! and, hey, i got the disc saturday! thanks SO much!! you're a great friend (no matter WHAT everybody else says~!! lol!)

Efen said...

Did end up getting Dad a couple of pairs of new slacks and shirts. Since he'd been losing weight (or as some bloggers say 'loosing wait') due to his cancer, his 'old' clothes didn't fit. He seemed genuinely happy with his gifts...that and we went to his favorite 'steak place'.