Sunday, March 22, 2009

Edy's Ice Cream with some Racism Thrown In.

Now that the Kewl Kids Table is may have noticed some of you have been called over from the lunch line to sit with us.

Yes, you have arrived. Congratulations.

I don't have much time to blog today what with all the good films on Turner Classic Movies and three or four pints of Edy's Max ice cream calling my name from the freezer.

I am proud that I got all my shit done yesterday so I can do whatever I want today...well, after I wash the bedroom sheets, bathe the stinky members of my family (the dogs not SCM), iron a couple of jackets I left in the trunk when I picked them up from the dry cleaner, drop my daughter off at her playdate and meet my son at a restaurant for dinner at 5pm.

Besides that I am free as a bird.

When I find a new blog, I follow it, as a trial period, to see if it is worth taking up some of my avoidenance of work time. Recently, I clicked as a follower of one that I will not name. This morning, it had a link to another blog with this direct quote, "know I feel the same way". When I clicked the link I was treated to some of the most bigoted,ignorant, racist, elitist, BULLSHIT I have come across in a while. To say I was horrified would be an understatement, to say that I was embarrassed for both of them and anyone else that "feels the same way" would also be an understatement.

You can't talk to people like this. You can't explain, you can't reason and you can't stop the hate.

What she blogged about was a tragedy. It makes me very sad for them, their family and their friends. When she blogs that these people "volunteer" to be police officers..well that isn't totally accurate, is it? They get paid by the tax payers and in some places, damn well. Many retire after 20 years with life long pension. The "person" who writes this blog has a husband who was injured on the job in New York. Which mean he likely went out on 3/4 pay for the rest of his life. How many of you have jobs like that?

The Job is as hard as it is tedious. I know. My father put his twenty years in and retired from the New York police department as a detective. So any of you that want to come here and say I don't know what I am talking about, feel free. He was also injured on the job twice. Once in a bad car accident which fractured his cervical spine and once he was thrown through a plate glass window by a suspect. I am very proud of the work he did. He didn't volunteer, however, it was his JOB, how he supported his family. He knew the risks, my mother knew the risks and so did his three children.

He became a little jaded, just like we all would but he never became a racist, he never hated people for being poor, and he certainly never taught us to hate.

The police officers that were killed in the line of duty is a shame. A terrible heartbreaking shame. But to use this incident to fan the flames of hate is almost as big a tradedy.


Alex said...

All I can say is wow. People like that are the reason why affirmative action is still needed.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Within any group, there are bound to be a few bad apples, but that's not cause to condemn the whole group.

razorbeck said...

yep the solution to a cop getting shot is obviously more guns not less, more hate not less and more stupidity not less

Libby said...

...i don't agree with most of what she says, but, i don't want them to make guns illegal...sorry, chris...please let me stay at the kewl kids' table??

Christine said...

I was reading your blog entry at the exact same time you were reading mine.

I don't think guns should be illegal either. It isn't the fact that the blogger isn't entitled to her opinion, she is, we all are.

It is all the hate that comes with it that negates every other thing she says.

Libby said...

...that's true! and, be honest, just don't want guns outlawed "YET"...until you've used yours for what you bought it for!! ;-D

coffeypot said...

Thank your dad for me for serving his community and country. As for the blogger, there will always be sad people like that, but I truly fee they are in the minority. And I don’t think they make that big of an impact anyone anymore. But if they do bother you, we could hunt them down and kill them.

Burfica said...

My father was a DI in the marine corp then went right into the highway patrol academy. Was a patrolman for 20 years, then worked/still works armed security for the past 30 years. I really hate people who cop bash, and say they are all bad. It's just not true.

And I got my guns, I just gotta buy all the ammo before Obama makes it illegal. hahahahaha

namaste said...

really good post here, christine. and very brave of you to take this stand. like one of your commentors said, and i agree, people like this are not the majority. and someone else made a good point, in every group there will always be bad apples.

thanks for sharing this and giving a forum to the better citizens of our country. you give new meaning to the "kewl kids" table.


razorbeck said...

You Americans and your fascination with guns leaves most of us in the rest of the world bewildered, befuddled and confused

Your solution to having too many hand guns is to buy more handguns and assault rifles


Bitchy McBitcherson said...

Bring on the militia. I will keep my guns, love the troops and our law enforcement. I will drive my pickup with my dog. See, I am a good little American!

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