Monday, February 9, 2009 I should say something to those of you that are still hangin' in there and dealing with my crappy blogging habits.

Honestly, it isn't because I have such a busy life that I can't find time to fit this blogging thing in..

It is pure laziness and not having a fucking thing to say.

I can talk about my job and my shitty lazy ass employees but I've done that.

I can write about SCM but he is at the house doing all my laundry at the moment so I'll be nice until he is done. Or until I evaluate the ironing and amount of starch he used...

Oh of my half way decent employees just walked in and gave me two weeks notice. Damn it, I knew she had a funny look on her face when I sent her back to Starbucks four times to get the correct about of foam in my latte.

Yeah...this sucks. Not that there aren't two hundred people waiting to fill her job but it took me a long time to teach her to kiss my ass with the correct about of pressure. The bitch has NO RIGHT to want to go back to school and improve her mind.

Why does everything always have to be about her???

So if anyone is looking for a job that pays little more than minimum wage, expects you to use your personal vehicle for errands and you enjoy working for a total shrew with perpetual PMS, I have just the position for you.

In the meantime, I will go check out your blogs and live vicariously through you kids.


Burfica said...

I would take the job, but I don't want to be in florida. hahahahahaha

coffeypot said...

Can I telecommute? But that would make it hard (no pun intended) for me to kiss your ass, and I don’t do Starbucks at all. Not as long as I can get all the coffee I want at the Waffle House for a buck. I like to sleep late and watch TV and blog in the mornings. Other than that, I’m your man. When do I start? And when does the first of my four weeks of vacation begin? And lunch…two hour lunches are the norm for me. And I love sexual harassment. So…Monday good for you?

Jay said...

Well, that job does have a very tempting description, but I'll have to pass. I think. Maybe. LOL ;-)

The Girl You Don't Bring Home to Momma said...

UGH, that sucks when you have your lap dog perfectly trained, and they up and quit. You deserve a spa day

Libby said...

chris--you know i'd be there in a heartbeat...but i dont do ass-kissing very well...i do know a person who just loves women to 'be the boss'...maybe he'd take the job if i told him about it? but i think he's so fuckin passive he'd drive you nuts in the first day!

O'Dasor De, LAM said...

dude, you are hilarious.

thank you for the boost. :-)