Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My job is boring the living crap out of me.

I've been thinking about getting the hell out of dodge for so long now but with this economy, I haven't had any decent options from head hunters in months.

The same damn faces, the same damn stupid questions, the same stinky bathroom across the hall....

The same 12 hour days only to come back and do it all over again. The same type of employees with different faces but just as stupid. The same parking lot, the same places for lunch the same gym that I avoid in the same way.

The same swivel chair in the same office with the same pictures on my desk. The same business attire with the same type of shoes and the same boring jacket.

The same G-d Damn songs on my itunes!!!

Fuck this.

(This cranky moment has been brought to you by Crack Cocaine. When your life is boring you, it offers the excitement of going to bad areas for drug deals, crawling on the floor and picking through the carpet for crack pieces, giving blowjobs for a hit and even the challenge of avoiding incarceration. Crack Cocaine...for the change you need.)


bARE-eYED sUN said...


i tought that I was having a bad day

i feel better already.



Sean said...

hey Chris

no bitchin I have been working in the same company for 25 years so maybe we could switch? Or maybe we could run off to a distant corner of the planet together and change both our names

How do you feel about seamus occonor and catherine degeneris

Sean the Obtuse Canadian

Jay said...

I think the reason so many of us change jobs so often or even homes or significant others is we just get bored.

Well, in my case I get laid off and dumped. But, for other people it's boredom. LOL

Christine said...

Jay..you definitely gave me a LOL moment. At 6am on a Wednesday, it was just what the doctor ordered.

Sean...if you can support me in the manner of which I could easily become accustomed, I am in!

razorbeck said...

Chris .... I could as long as the manner you wish to become accustomed to is poor

It would be quite an adjustment for me as well but I am a man so as long as I have meat, beer and a tv I am covered

Sean the Obtuse Canadian

Christine said...

As tempting as that is...I think I'll take a pass on it this time. I can do poor just fine in my own swamp of a state.

Burfica said...

wow somebody went to the smart ass store and got herself a pair of cranky pants. hahahahahhaa

Anonymous said...


I have a great collection of music if you need some new tunes.


coffeypot said...

Also the same old paycheck every payday.

But it sounds like you need a change in your life. Try dumping stinky and going to Bed Bath and Beyond to find a clean fellow.

Libby said...

chris, i hear ya. but be open & honest with us!! i'm looking at your cuss-o-meter, and i'm seeing a bit of slacking here!! you're only at a 65.6%...WTF?? i can beat that without breaking a sweat! and YOU'RE my idol!