Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In order to avoid work and/or slicing my wrists as I contemplate my meaningless existence, I decided to blog hop for a while.

I came across this entry from a blogger that I have never read before and got a kick out of what she thought the lyrics of the Seal song "Kiss from a Rose" were.

"Now that the rose isn't bruised/A light hits the glue on the grapes".

And now that your rose is is in bloom/A light hits the gloom on the grey

It got me thinking of how many songs I have totally fucked up in my lifetime as I belted out one ditty after another off key with the radio.

Often in the presence of others.


For instance, I always wondered how the Beatles knew Lucy in the Sky had bowel problems

"A girl with colitis goes by"


Why England Dan and John Ford Coley thought that

"a warm wind was blowing the stars around"

in Really Love to See you Tonight?

How about how one feels like

"A handle on a chain"

from STP Interstate Love Song?

So spill it. What lyrics did you find out you were singing completely wrong?


Olly said...

I can't think of any songs I've messed up at the moment, but "a girl with colitis goes buy" is going to make my husband laugh his head off when he gets home!

Marcy said...

oh boy .... how bout the famous "Wrapped up like a douche, you know the runner in the night" from "Blinded By The Light".

coffeypot said...

How about Mu, mu, ell T, t, tillis song,

“You painted up your tits, rolled and curled your pubic hair.
Ruby are you in heat like a breading mare?”

I can go one, but you get the point.

CrystalChick said...

OMG, I too thought it was colitis at one time. LOL
And in Hotel California....
Warm smell of colitas, or whatever the flower is, I actually remember asking my mother what that word was and she said, a disease of the blood. LOL

In the DoReMi song....
Tea... I drink with Jan and Fred (jam and bread)

And my daughter used to say in Queen's We Will Rock You.... kickin your bladder all over the place.
And in the B-52's song Roam...
instead of 'roam if you want to', she said
Roam Bitsy Wah Too.

I'm sure there are a bunch more.

M Chickk said...

From Van Morrison's Brown-Eyed Girl, the first line is "Hey, where did we go."

I thought it was, "Hey there, Amigo!"

I had been singing it that way for YEARS!!!

Libby said...

..."dirty deeds done dirt cheap" friend's little sister used to sing "dirty jeans, dungarees"...

Nancy, Hsv, AL said...

Oh my God! In the same song Really Love to see you tonight my friend thought it said "I'm not talking about the linens.." instead of "I'm not talking about moving in." We actually put it on her cookie cake for her birthday!

Nancy said...

Also, I'm ashamed to admit it, but I used to sing "Man on the run.." instead of "Band on the run."

Special K said...

"Dirty deeds and the Thunder Chiefs" 6th grade 1980. Funnier? My husband said he thought the SAME thing when he was a kid.
There are more but I can't think of a one right now.
Have you ever read that site that is all about misunderstood lyrics? Did I hear that right dot com or something like that. Hysterical!