Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am playing hooky today. I am doing this because I had trouble sleeping last night and decided I would keep my cranky ass home rather than make everyone at work miserable.

I am considerate in this way.

I hate fucking insomnia.

I am sure many of you have heard of the disease Restless Leg Syndrome? Rumor has it a drug company came up with a drug and then had to create the disease to accompany it.

Capitalism or cynicism?

I have suffered from this affliction since childhood. I never knew what it was. It was actually kinda kewl to be able to put a name to the torture of feeling like your legs and ankles have little bugs inside the muscles and joints. RLS doesn't make people inadvertent beat the living shit out of their bed companion. What it does is make it really hard to get comfortable. Hence the insomnia last night. The only way to relieve the annoyance is to walk around. Since I have never been a sleep walker and it is too late to take it up now, I stay awake.

And no, I am not taking any drugs for it. It doesn't happen enough to warrant putting another pill in my body daily unless it will get me high. As far as I know, it doesn't.

Hmmm, but maybe I should look into that. I could be missing out.

I think it may be caused by stress and adrenaline since right before I tried to sleep, I almost burned the house down trying to make some wheat toast. Three smoke alarms blaring and two yappy dogs yapping doesn't make for a restful night.

In other news, I had a disagreement with a young person recently about whether a man and woman can be friends after getting naked together. She claimed it was possible and I don't see it. The issue was a boyfriend that wanted to remain friends and hang out with an ex girlfriend. The current girlfriend had a problem with this...

Ya think?

In my mind, once a man gets laid, he always has that in the back of his mind. He may be able to control the urge to act on it, but once a fuck buddy, always a fuck buddy...if only mentally.

Skippy may enjoy her company and may have full intention of never slipping her the ole salami again but the past and the desire will always be there.

This: Hmmm, look at those titties poking out of that low cut shirt..I wonder if I get her to lean over, I'd get a better view. Those were some damn nice titties

Instead of this: Man I wish Petunia would cover up those breasts. She may catch cold.

What say you?


The Girl You Don't Bring Home to Momma said...

Hanging with the ex-girlfriend is trouble. I have an ex-boyfriend that it doesn't matter what the situation in our lives is we always wound up in bed, we stay away from each other now.

Boo said...

Yeah, staying friends hasn't exactly worked out for me. Matter of fact it fucked up my whole life.

Boo said...

Yeah, staying friends hasn't exactly worked out for me. Matter of fact it fucked up my whole life.

Yay for playing hooky!

Anonymous said...

Hell, as a woman I don't think I could stay friends with someone I have had sex with. I think on Coupling they called it the "nudity buffer" - once you have seen it (or even imagined it vividly) the image of someone naked just never goes away.

Libby said...

if he fucked you over, why in the hell would you WANT a friend like that?? my real friends treat me better than that!!

Burfica said...

I think every single man would want to see more boob. If you have slept with the person or not.

razorbeck said...

Chris you are Wrong!!!! You don't have to sleep with a man for him to harbour feelings of wanting to sleep with you.

We may be able to control iy but we want to sleep with every woman we know, atleast the ones we aren't related to some even don't follow that restriciton the sick bastards

*sigh* its hard haveing some thing else doing the thinking for you

Christine said...

Yeah Razor, well thank god for that. How could we ladies continue manipulating you gents if it weren't for the old one head at a time thing.

razorbeck said...

By the way I like the drawing I have only one thing to say BUSH 09

And I don't mean the politician

Sean the Obtuse Canadian

Olly said...

Be friends with them? Are you f&%(#%$ kidding? They are lucky we don't kill them after mating like other species on this planet, lol!

razorbeck said...


If you killed them ater mating there would be a whole lot less assholes in the world

Especially as women seem to start with the assholes and seldom move on rom them(Chris I am not saying but I amsaying)

Sean the Obtuse Canadian