Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Night Classifieds.

Come on, you have to admit these people would be fun to have at a party. Of course I would make sure your belongings are locked up and you are well armed but other than on dudes !
My good friend wants to drag me out line dancing and tequila shooting tonight. My problem is that when hanging out with her, the evening will turn into line shooting and tequila dancing and I just don't have the stamina anymore.
The mind is willing but the body says, fuck that....put on comfy jammies and break out the Ben and Jerry's.
My body takes great care of me.


Colonel Colonel said...

I'm going to be watching for the news story that is sure to come whenever that person gets their "30 Chinamen and a Zeppelin for a practical joke".

Mike said...

I am going out tonight but I am sure that it won't last as long as it does in my mind. I mean I see myself drinking and acting crazy all night long, but odds are I'll be sleeping by midnight--if not earlier.

The mind reels at all the joke possibilities involving a zeppelin and 30 Chinamen.

Norman said...

when i drink tequila, I try to get into fights. I mean - I walk around the bar giving "the glare" to anyone that looks my way.

no one ever takes me up on the challenge though. Lucky me, cause I would soooooo get my ass kicked!

What is it about tequila that makes you think you can fight like a ninja!?

razorbeck said...

Chris I think you should apply for that nemesis job.

Not that you arer a deformed meglomaniac but I know you are bent on world domination

If you need over sized henchmen keep in mind I am 6'6 and I am looking for a new carreer. I assume compensation will be comensurate with danger

Christine said...

Hmmm, well Razor...good point and I appreciate your leading me that way rather than the "filthy whore" position. Or various positions as the case might be.

razorbeck said...

oh Chris I didnt know i could post my fantasies? how about the one with ou bent over the keyboard lol