Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

SCM didn’t take the picture of the final product so alas, I won’t be posting any. I take full responsibility since I blew off his work party which was where the pumpkin carving contest was taking place. Coincidentally, the general manager’s son won first prize. Hmmm. Lol

Hey, it is all about the kids anyway.

Speaking of which, I am taking Anna and her friends to an event at the ice skating rink tonight. For a Flroida kid, she spends half her time on the ice. Her coach is very impressed with her but unfortunately I didn’t start her early enough to be an Olympic contender in the future. Can you imagine at ten being too OLD for something? Cracks me up. However, you never know. If she continues to work hard and enjoy it, something may come of it in her future.

I have finally resolved my health issues. Some minor surgery and poof, no more problems. The testing and the worry seems much worse than the actual “cure”.

Have a fun night guys and to M.S.R. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

When I was growing up, we lived north of Atlanta and I spent as much time as possible on the ice. I even have my own skates, although I haven't been to a rink in years.

bohica said...

Glad your health is back to more or less normal. :)

vinomom said...

Hope the recovery wasn't too bad. Glad it was an easy fix!

I know, the fact that you literally have to start a child at the age of 2 or 3 for them to ever do anything Nationally amazes me too. But maybe she can pay her way through college w/ Disney on Ice!

(thats not meant rudely, I think those shows are pretty cool)

Shiny Rod said...

Olympic gold may not be in her future but there is also the "On Ice" tours. Glad the health issues have been resolved.

The Dish said...

Glad they got you fixed up and hope you are healing nicely. Good for you for blowing off the party!