Monday, October 12, 2009

I Think a Monday MeMe Is In Order

And I tag all of you kids. Cut and paste the questions onto your blog and let me know if you played.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

He didn't realize his existence has no meaning in the universe.

What was your last thought?

When will my computer be done so I can leave work?

Are you a cat or a dog person?

Definite dog person. Cats are evil.

Define yourself in 3 words...

Bored Bored Bored.

Kill the spider or let it out?

Smash it with a hammer and hang it as a threat to others who want to come in.

Do you shower every single day?

At least once.

Walking past a beggar, spare change or ignore?

A few bucks

Where do you want to travel next?


What is your favorite food?

My Mom's Veal Parm.

Do you read harry potter books? them all.

What is your favorite place?


If you could have one super human power what would you choose?

Mind reading

Have you had a beer in the last week?


Vitamin Water or Gatorade?

Neither. Plain Water

What is your favorite song of all time?

Into The Mystic. VM

When and where was the best picture of you taken?

Seatle Washington 1997.


razorbeck said...

I came
I saw
I conquered

Shiny Rod said...

Working on it, will post tomorrow.

Special K said...


Olly said...

MeMe complete!

razorbeck said...

Hey chris I see you missed funny web site fridays ...... if you need some sugestions I have a few

The Dish said...

I will do this tonight or tomorrow.
P.S. Love that song!!!!!

GiGi said...

Love Van Morrison; great song!

Meggy said...

I did it. I never do those, but I did it. Oh, and btw, I'm blogging again. :P

bohica said...

BTW, you do know bohica and Meggy are the same person? :P