Friday, January 30, 2009

Strong women are attracted to weak men.

Weak men are attracted to strong women.

Strong men are attracted to weak women.

Weak Women are attracted to strong men.

Have you found this to be true?



Libby said...

chriatine, this is perfectly true! the big problem now is....what HAPPENED to strong men??? they're all being raised to be weak, & touchy-feely, & all that! any guy under the age of 30 or so is nothing but passive!! and a lot of them over 30, too!! ps, see my blog for snow pix!!

Special K said...

Well now I am confused. Doesn't that cover about everybody? LOL I guess weak doesn't attract weak and strong doesn't attract strong is all there is left and well, I have seen that too so I come to the conclusion that...
LOVE IS STRANGE!!!!!!!!!!!


Christine said...

I am thinking that the problem is that strong mothers result in weak sons that grow up to be weak men. They are so used to being dominated that they need the same thing in a relationship. Even though I would think a weak mom would produce a weak son, I think the opposite is true there as well. Perhaps those son's have a strong father who they emulate.

I think the problem is that these types of relationships often do not work out. One person feels like that are making all the decisions and get resentful and the other partner feels like they have no say in the relationship and feel like they have no control.

I guess this blog entry is an exercise for me to attempt to figure out why I seem to be always attracted to wishy washy men that don't seem able to be assertive or second guess every darn thing they want to do?

I am counting on you kids to work this all out for me. Now get to it.

The Girl You Don't Bring Home to Momma said...

I like to think I'm a strong woman, but the asshole is also a strong man, maybe I just fell for him in a moment of weakness.

Burfica said...

don't forget that the dumb attract the dumber.

Olly said...

Hahahaha. I Burfica's answer!

I am a strong woman. He is a stubborn (somewhat strong man). It amazes me that we have been together almost 25 years without killing each other. And? We rarely fight - mostly just grunt and give each other the look of death.

Olly said...

Ok, I meant to say "I like Burfica's answer". Really, I shouldn't multi-task. I don't have the brain capacity in the late afternoon.

razorbeck said...

Hmmm I like strong women as they are a good counter point to my sometimes over arching personality

I look for an equal who won't collapse and defer to me.

LOL I still expect to get my way but I like a little give and take

Sean the Obtuse canadian

coffeypot said...

So...who is the weakest, Angelina or Brad? Travolta or Preston? Cruse or Holmes - no, wait. Cruse is the strength and iron fist to his taller concubine. Sorry!

Christine said...

Too easy. Strength...angelinia, preston cruse. I need a hard one :-)

Alex said...

ii am a strong woman who is attracted to semi-weak men. I mean semi-weak because I like men who let me make all the decisions. I don't need an addict or a momma's boy, just someone content to let me drive.

The only time I dated a strong man we ended up trowing things and with a domestic complaint filed against us. It wasn't pretty.

Anonymous said...


HMMM a real strong man doesnt throw things at women...........unless its money at strippers

Sean the Obtuse Canadian