Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Okay, so there was once an attraction to SCM right? Had to be. I mean I just didn’t meet a guy I despised and said, “Great, let me marry this lazy smelly person and bear his child because my life isn’t quite shitty enough!”

The sad truth is, I have always had a fondness for artistic talent in any way. Maybe it is because when I was little I never got that big crayon box with the sharpener on the back so my talent did not get a fair chance to develop.

I am instantly drawn to anyone that can make art; whether it be music, photography, painting or basket weaving; I am drawn to that person like a brush to a canvas.

However, after a dozen or so years, the groupie thing has gotten old.

Butchering old rock classics in a manner beloved by middle-aged housewives and the mentally unwell isn't going to propel these wannabees to stardom. Hell, they often don't even make enough to cover their bar tab.

I try to be encouraging...I really do. Mainly because when he is out playing or practicing he is OUT and that is the way I like him. The problem arises when he returns home stinking of pot, cigarettes and beer farts and wants to tell me about his evening.

Listen Pookie. I don't care about whose wife was hanging all over the opening act drummer. I really couldn't possibly care less if the sound guy couldn't get his shit together or you broke a string during the Billy Idol montage. And if you think telling me about those twenty year old skanks that were buying you drinks all night makes me're mistaken. The only think I get a twinge of feeling about it the fact that they didn't decide to keep you.

Live your dream until the day you die. Everyone needs something to look forward to. Just keep in mind that I look forward to you being out playing and I damn sure don't want a play by play when you return.


Burfica said...

hmmmmm I think I'm starting to get the feeling that you would rather he be AWAY from you. baw hahahhahahahaa

Libby said...

christine-nobody looks forward to the day he dies more than you, right?? lol!

coffeypot said...

Put rat-poisoning in his cannabis. At least he will go out mellow and hungry.

Christine said...

Naaa, the bitches always get caught when they use rat poisoning. But keep working on it :-)

Suzie said...

Hi, hope ya don't mind me checking out your blog...My sister "the girl" told me to ...and i'm glad she did!!! F the Skanky groupies.! lol

razorbeck said...


One word....insulin, a naturally occuring compound that will look like some kind of natural causes and is virtually untracable in a normal drug tox screen or alternatively heroin.

OD's are very popular when you ride the horse

Sean the Obtuse Canadian

Christine said...

Hey Suz..the more the merrier.

Thanks sean for the tip. You know what? The stinky bastard is going to end up dead and I can just see my blog being shown on a big monitor in court. "See Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, She was soliciting advice to kill her hudband for years". You all will be accessories! Psssttt..where does one get insulin without a script?? Only kidding...cough cough

coffeypot said...

I know! I’ll cook a meal for him. I do not cook and any thing I make would have to not only horribly taste, but deadly, too. It’s a natural cause of death with nothing happening to me other than a bad review in Chef’s Cuisine.

razorbeck said...

well chris as long as they spell my name correctly on the indictment papers

I don't have a clue where to find illegal drugs as I am as square as Charley Brown

Though I understand Viagra is readily available on the black market so give him an overdose of that

think of the name of the book if you should happen to be caught

"Death by Erection, a tale of lust and hatred in florida's steamy suburbs"

Sean the Obtuse Canadian

Libby said...

LOLOLOLOLOL!!! sean, that is TOO perfect!! ( this part of the grand plan?)

Alex said...

Lol. The beer fart thing cracks me up.

And I thought being married to a restaurant manager was bad - they are like a frathouse over there.