Saturday, January 24, 2009

Is it normal to have a strong desire to rip someones throat out due to the manner in which they sneeze?

I have never in my life heard someone who has a sneeze as disgusting as SCM. He sucks in a lung full of air and then proceeds to sneeze so hard that you can hear the gurgle of the spit and snot flying out. Fortunately he usually covers his mouth. However, unless I witness the event and remind him, he doesn't wash his hands after the eruption. He feels a quick rub on the ole trousers should suffice.


I have become addicted to a chick flick cable station series called Snapped. The premise is women who have killed. Killed, husbands, boyfriends and any other prick that happened to make the mistake of fucking with them.

I've started to take notes.

Purely for entertainment purposes of course.

I knew you kids would understand.


Golden To Silver Val said...

I've watched it before and it IS entertaining. In observing these various scenarios, I couldn't help but think if these female perpetrators would let off Scott-Free...that would indeed send a message. Don't fuck with or around on your wife. LOLOLOLOLOL

razorbeck said...

Youre in Florida, feed him to the gators.

Problem solved

Libby said...

christine...and here i thought "snapped" was only MY guilty pleasure!! haha! but i bet it's also tlp's too, even though she has zero reason for it...just our shared love of sick & twisted things!

Burfica said...

I've never heard of that station. But sometimes I make up ways I would torture my old man. hahahahahaha

Boo said...

Sam had a disgusting sneeze too. It was always a surprise to him and then he'd have snot on his moustache and I'd have to tell him to go and wipe. Just plain gross. It's just one on a huge list of things I do not miss about him.

Marcy said...

Oh yeah, "Snapped" is the bomb ... d'you ever watch "Deranged"? That's a good one too ... and "Forensic Files" ... When hubby asks what I'm doing when I'm watching "Snapped", I tell him I'm studying ... heh heh

Jenny Fabulous said...

That's one of my pet peeves... People who sneeze loudly. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up! Urrrrrrgggh. never heard of Snapped, but I'm for sure gonna look!

Alekx said...

ohhhhh I love snapped. I keep putting it on for the hubby to see but he gets scared and leaves.

How bout the sneezer that wants to shake your hand after the sneeze.


coffeypot said...

Yeah, Right!! I'm going to let my wife watch this show. Not!