Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank God summer in Florida is finally over. If I had to look at my thunder thighs in shorts for one more week, I would have be forced to do something really drastic.

Like go back to the gym.


Florida weather is odd. Last night we were down in the mid 50s which for us is coat weather.

Yes, we are a bunch of wienies. But when you get acclimated to 95 degrees six months out of the year, 50 seems a tad nippy.

It felt really good to open the windows up wide, put on sweats and big thick socks and breath air that wasn't recirculated from an AC unit. I even caught the comforting scent of someone burning wood in a fireplace.

I despise Florida from April until October. Each summer I agonize why I live in this hell hole of a state.

But then autumn comes and although I miss the changing foliage and the crunching of leaves under foot, I remember why this happens to be a very nice place to live.


Jay said...

I would live in Florida if I lived near the beach. But, I couldn't really see a reason to live too far inland. All of the heat and humidity and none of the benefits of the bikinis on the beach? No thanks. ;-)

Slick said...

Please girl, I wouldn't want to live anywhere BUT the south!

We don't own enough sweatshirts to move up north anyway, do we?! :)

Burfica said...

it just now got chilly weather here in Arizona too. Just the past 4 days, and no more t-shirts now.

Karen said...

It is in the mid-low 50s in NJ today. Almost time to put on the heat. But during the day, I will throw on a sweater.

OneHungMan said...

It could be worse, you could live in the shit hole OneHung calls home, Indiana.

If it's not Earth's toilet, OHM doesn't know what is.

There is strange weather every month in Indiana, though this year has taken the cake.

A while back Hurricane Ike paid a visit. Yeah, in Indiana. It's always windy in this shit hole, but not like when Ike came through. And OHM, he's smart, he played golf during the category 1 level winds.

But nothing was as strange as what happened in March, when on a 72 degree day, while OHM was outside cutting the grass, a winter storm warning was issued for Indiana.

Yep, you read that right. A winter storm warning issued on a 72-degree sunny weekend day.

Trust OHM, you're much better off down there.

razorbeck said...

I live in Canada and always will, I love days that start out cold and crisp and build to warm afternoons of t-shirt weather. The beautiful autumns watching the world change. And even the clean calm stillness of freshly fallen snow.

But spring is the ultimate, there is a palpable energy in the air, you can feal life waiting to burst free of its winter sleep

Summer isn't so bad except for the heat

Christine said...

I totally moved down here by accident. I will never be a Floridian always a New Yorker at heart.

Every New Years Day I think...this is the year I will get out of this shit hole and by Memorial Day I have again chickened out. Oh well, maybe next year. Sigh,

M Chickk said...

I know what you mean. Living in California, sometimes we are wearing shorts on Thanksgiving! It's a happy day when I can finally pull out my flannel sheets and blankets.

Libby said...

christine, how in the HELL did you live to be an adult when you grew up in nyc with that weather??