Friday, November 7, 2008


Terry said...

Here in England we had so much coverage of this election that I almost felt cheated by not being allowed to vote.

If Obama is anti-war then there's hope for all of us.
This whole thing about him being the first black man to lead the USA is so patronising and the politivally correct British media milked it from that angle.
What's more important than skin colour is a President who gives America some credibility as the standard bearer for peace in the world.

Alekx said...

I don't now get or ever will the hang up on skin color.
but that's just me.
People are people either nice or assholes
Pardon my english

Karen said...

I agree with alekx. Race is a non-issue for me.

Jay said...

I'm cautiously optimistic about Obama.

Christine said...

I do see this as a partial race issue. How far we've come as a society in the past 50 years. I think that black americans want to claim him just like Irish catholics wanted to claim kennedy in the 60s.

MLK I have a dream speech can almost be changed to "I HAD a dream"

Special K said...

I like that a whole lot better than the one I got on my phone this morning complete with Sanford and Son music for the background!

Either he is going to be too black for some, too white for others. WHATEVER?! I don't get that part of it, I am just glad he is in and hopes he turns the USA on it's ass!

donna said...