Sunday, August 17, 2008

Terry chimed in during my bitch shrink contemplation and asked

"Holy mother of christ!!

You seem so normal to be seeing a psychiatrist.

wtf happened??

You HAVE heard of SCM right? I would think I would be within my rights to say, nuff said. However, it is Sunday morning and since I hate the Catholic Church lately I will enlighten you kewl kids with some words of wisdom by Moi.

Not that I normally actually attend church service on Sunday. BAAAA. I am more of a C and E gal myself. But I do try to make it a habit of doing unto others or not speaking ill or whatever the fuck the big JC had to say about my ragging on the SCM in the written word.

Although I am inclined to call him a fucking prick to his face.

But I digress.

It occurred to me that many of you readers of RMDWAI have actually discovered me here.

So for you, my new friends, here is my story.

My first blog was lovingly titled, 100 Reasons Why I Hate My Husband. It was also hosted by blogger. It did grow enough to deserve its own domain name. WhyIhatemyhusbanddotcom. Don't bother clicking it, it crashed one fine day and even though I still "rent" the name, it has been stuck in neutral for well over a year now. Possibly two.

After getting over 100,000 hit, I did make it to the one hundredth reason before it crashed and burned. Some still think that was planned and have never found me again. It really was not. I don't know if I would have continued to write on that site but I certainly would have left it up. It was a great site that my good friend worked hard to make and I loved so many things about it.

But alas....

This followed Peanut Butter which SCM found and that one I pulled out of guilt.

Which brought us all here.

Back to Terry's original question. I think 100 Reasons was a kind of cheap therapy. I was able to get out my animosity in a humorous way and still retain my sanity.

However, now I have the stinky bastard back in my house, annoying the shit out of me once again and no place to vent about it. Does he read this blog? Maybe but I don't give a flying fig. If so, dear, stop fucking pawing all over me. I fucking HATE THAT. Also, following me to the bathroom isn't endearing, it is fucking annoying and a little sad.



Believe me kids, with all this fucking anger, Chris in therapy makes the world a much safer place.


Olly said...

Yup, blogging is great cheap therapy. I think I'm due for a good rant at the end of summer when all visitors go home and the kids go back to school.

He follows you to the bathroom? Ewww. I'd put a stop to that quick!

Jay said...

The bathroom? Really? Why?

Christine said...

Allow me to clarify. He does not follow me INTO the bathroom. He follows me TO the bathroom. When we are home at the same time he likes being around me. He is constantly on my trail chattering away. However, sometimes a person needs a little privacy. At those times I tell him where I am going but he still follows me until I literally close the door on his face.

Everyone likes to be wanted and be given attention but it does get a bit smothering.

coffeypot said...
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coffeypot said...

He sounds a little needy to me, and I hate that in a man. Except the pawing part. Got to have the pawing. And fondling!

Jenny Fabulous said...

Ummmm.... where can I find the list??? I am dying to read all the reasons you hate the "stinky bastard!"

Fuckin men. They can annoy the shit out of us.