Sunday, July 13, 2008

First let me say that I love my mother dearly. I have to preface my entry with this as my sister has taken to checking on my blog every once in a while and I don't want to give her motive to have me cut out of the will.

So, Mother, yeah, awesome, beautiful and multi talented woman.

I was catching up on your blogs yesterday and came across an interesting entry from Karen. Apparently she was amazed and enamored with a new find called Shake and Bake and mentioned that her mother never used such conveniences while she was growing up.

As someone who practically grew up on Hamburger helper and Shake and Bake, I was jealous that I didn't have a mom like Karen's.

It wasn't until I was out on my own that I found out that green beans and peas don't always come in cans and real soup doesn't require equal amounts of water added. Fresh broccoli and Cauliflower weren't only available at Christmas and Thanksgiving and people actually make biscuits that didn't require being plummeted on the side of the counter to open.

In Mom's defense she was a busy woman. She had all those crosswords to do and black coffee to drink. She was a phenomenal housekeeper and I would never take that away from her. But lets face it, after raising a family, doing all the housework , laundry and running a small company, Mother had it made.

No, no, hold your applause.

She was very talented at painting a room in 1968 and taking credit for it until 1985 when she got around to painting the next one. She also mowed the lawn in the summer and shoveled the walk in the winter.

I don't want her to seem like a spoiled brat, she was anything but that.

Mother is unique and all siblings have to have one crazy parent to create a bond between them and she fills that role quite nicely.

I just wanted some homemade fucking biscuits and peas that weren't gray and squishy. Was that too much to ask?


razorbeck said...

na na Chris

I had a mother just like Karens, home made pies, cakes, bread and roast were the norm when I was growing up. Roast wasn't just for sunday

You know t this day I have never had a tv dinner, pilsbury frozen dough ball or boil in a bag anything. And shock and horror mom even made her own gravy

It must be why I am so well adjusted lol

The Doggy Did It said...

Please do not stop being brutally honest, and true to yourself because your sister reads your blog...Tell her to stuff it up her ass, and mind her own business.

Love ya.

Christine said...

My sis is almost as kewl as me! She doesn't give a shit what I write and is one of my biggest fans.

Not to worry. If I don't hold back for SCM, I am certainly not doing it for Sissy. Which reminds me that a SCM post is well over do. I need to get on it.

Special K said...

I had the best of both worlds.
My grandma was the homemade from scratch Mom and my actual mom was the Hamburger helper mom.
Yeah I did have some good highlights in childhood.

Pumpkin said...

I also had it good in the food department when I was younger, my mum always made home-cooked meals...but it was for my grans home-made pancakes , treacle toffee, tablet, scones and sponge cake that I lived.

However it seems that the mighty home-cooking and baking skill avoided being thrown into my genetic mix....alas, my son, puir wee soul that he is.....has to go to friends houses for home baked goods.

Feel free to send him care packages...home made cookies are preferred although I'm sure he wouldn't turn his nose up at a full roast dinner!


Greg said...

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Christine said...

Thanks Greg but I think I will pass on that. The estate could be quite bountiful. :-)

Real Live Lesbian said...

I would have killed for Shake n' Bake and Hamburger Helper! We never had either...just a bunch of fresh/homemade crap all the time.

coffeypot said...

I would have been a much happier and well adjusted kid if my momma had been a Waffle House cook.

Burfica said...

OMG I was having those aweful war flashbacks, thinking you were my sister.

I had everything shake and baked and hamburger helper.

Although my mother made bisquick biscuits all the time, but I haven't mastered the art, I beat the can on the side of the counter.

my mother not only shake and baked pork chops, but chicken as well.

I remember she got feeling bad for doing hamburger helper, so then she would cook noodles, do hamburger with tomatoe sauce put it all together with cheese on top, so we had home made hamburger helper. hehehehehe

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Ah, Mom, forgive me but that's funny (at your expense, I guess). Neener....

Colin Brooks said...

I grew up with being force-fed healthy foods and while this is good for a person's health and all I'd really like to eat some junk once in a while. Because you can imagine what happened as soon as I moved out, right? I ate nothing BUT junk food for about a year just to make up for it and to take advantage of my new found "freedom". Yes, I'm THAT rebellious.

Doc said...

So glad that I found your blog... I want to read more. I am going to link you up to mine.

Karen said...

Oh you could have come over for dinner any time! But in all honesty it has me sort of a food snob. I turn my nose at tv dinners and boxed mashed potatoes. I am sure I am missing out on something good!