Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time To Make The Donuts

Yesterday was my 16th 29th birthday.

  Which makes me actually 45 if you've been educated by the southern USA school system.

For some strange reason, I was recalling my first clock in, clock out and get fucked in taxes job.  It was at a Dunkin Donuts across the street from my high school.  I may have blogged about this before but I am old, bitter and my memory is for shit so deal.

It was also my first experience into the world of flirtation from a male that didn't still have pimples and jerked off nightly to the Farrah poster on their bedroom wall.  (As legal adults, they could now jerk of to the current Penthouse. )

Looking back I am sure I was smokin' hot in my pink cap and smock with the smell of grease seeping out of my pores but the attention was something pretty freakin' ego building even if it was by chain smoking, coffee drinking guys with Guido accents and bad hair.

My job was a donut finisher.  A few days a week after school I would pull trays of donuts out of steel lockers and make them into boston creme or blue berry or coconut or whatever was missing in the display cases.  (Note, NEVER eat the coconut, the sugar sauce they use to make the coconut stick to the donut is disgusting.)

At 5pm the owner and his wife went home and two of us girls were in charge until the "Time to make the donuts" guy came in at midnight.  One of us worked the counter and the other one had to clean the donut finishing area.  Believe it or not, I would always choose cleanup.  I had a great system for this.  I would use a regular garden house that I would drag in the back door and spray everything down.  There were drainage holes in the floor so after 20 minutes of spraying it down I would use a floor sweeggy thingy to push all the powdered sugar and jellied goo down the holes.  It was a brilliant plan that would have never occurred me.  Fortunately, I was specifically forbidden to do it this way on my first day due to some health department rule about hot water, contamination and blah blah. 

So I got that all night duty out of the way in about a half hour and then proceeded to stand at the counter flirting with the customers and putting counter payments in my tip jar.

I can't believe they had the nerve to eventually fire me.

Oh, and that thing about cops and donuts? Totally true.  Every night several area cops would come in for donuts and coffee on the house.  Not that my employer offered that particular perk but having the cops around at night while two young girls ran a shop alone?  They could have anything they wanted as far as I was concerned. 

What was your first job kids?


3 Men and a Lady said...

I delivered the evening paper one summer when I was 12, but that doesn't really count to me. My first real job was at a taco bell type place (but it was homemade stuff) and only girls worked there and it was the "cool" place to work. Everyone hung out there and the food was good (new employees always gained the taco 10). It was fun, but stressful, b/c we had no bosses. They pitted us against each instead. Very clever on the owner's part.

Jay said...

Happy birthday!!

Olly said...

I worked at McD's one summer as a teenager. My best friend worked there at the same time, too. Mostly we showed up stoned, ate french fries and did as little work as possible. Good times!!!

razorbeck said...

My first job is with the same company I am with now, but at the bottom instead of the top. We had just bought a new shop so I spent the spring break when I was 15 sorting and hauling greasy bolts and parts to the new place. Then in the summer I started as a day labourer. I used to drive pieces of heavy equipment through the streets of this fine town before I even had a learners permit

Happy days

Anyways Chris, happy birthday and you do not look at day over 28

The Dish said...

Happy Birthday, Christine!

I am sure this has been covered before but I hardly remember either. My first job experience was almost identical to Olly's. Which might be why I don't remember a damn thing!

Abood said...

LMFAO! @ the last para

Doc said...

First off, Happy Birthday... and second my first job was at an ice cream store and I pretty much just flirted with all the pretty girls too.

Vinomom said...

Happy 29th Birthday!

My first job was good old KFC - but actually it was fun. It was a bunch of teenagers and we all got along pretty well and I got all the chicken fingers I could eat (which I STILL love to this day) Thank god my metabolism was a lot faster then than it is now.

Four Dinners said...

Hang about!

Let's get this straight.

You are a strong independent woman who regularly (and quite rightly) takes the piss out of men.


You post donuts.

The staple diet of my hero Homer Simpson.

I will henceforth call you Marge.

So there...;-)

Rissa said...

the first job i ever got a paycheck for was right after college...i worked as a staff occupational therapist. HOLY COW. i never had a summer job or a part time job while i was in school. LOL. but i did help out at my parent's businesses -- acting as a boss. crap. this makes me feel like a brat. :)

Shrinky said...

Oh Gawd, I had sooo many crappy jobs, it still bleeds my brain to think of them!

Selling encyclopedias door-to-door, on a commission only basis, and paying for my own weekly bed and breakfast springs to mind.

Oh wait, I was 18, travelling with a group of fellow girlies, and had a guy in every port - um, and (blush) was the top saleswoman in the entire UK that year, in fact it bought my first home.. (sly grin), guess it wasn't such a shitty job after all.

But, don't even get me started on that chambermaid job I held - OMG, I still carry the post traumatic stress..

Anonymous said...

My first job was at the Dairy Queen Brazier. We got to eat what ever we wanted at half price. All we had to do was jot it down on a clipboard in the back room. A bottomless pit of a teenager at a fast food joint? Not a good combination. I was very distraught when payday rolled around and I still owed them money. I had to work for another week just to break even. - Coffeypot

3 Men and a Lady said...

OMG, I forgot to wish you a happy birthday... I feel awful. Happy 29th!

French Shelter said...

Happy Birthday!!!

My first job was a summer job that started when I was 8.

In the mountains of Wales I worked at a stable, shoveling horse shit, feeding and grooming horses, taking people out trekking in the mountains and, eventually, training horses and teaching people how to ride.

I was fired at 14 for disappearing after work into the mountains and scaring the shit out of everyone by not showing up at home til 8pm.

That's what making out with a boy will do for you.


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