Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

I remain far too traumatized to blog about the wedding but will share the fun soon.

In the mean time, stock up on the booze for New Years Eve or just because you need it to get through that shitty night that we all are supposed to have fun but in reality, it usually sucks.

We'll chat soon kids.


razorbeck said...

ahh chris i was looking forward to the overall tubelesstop picyures

I bet they are real and they are magnificent

Special K said...

I am ready! 2009 will hopefully be MY year! This is like 8 years in a row I have hoped for this. Just in case it doesn't work out, I have a bottle of Crown, a bottle of wine and some Mike's in the fridge!
Happy New Year Chris!!!

Special K said...
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coffeypot said...

I stay home that night. It’s amateur night and I just don’t go out among the masses.

M Chickk said...

Merry New Year!

TLP said...

How could I have stayed away so long?????

God, woman, you are so damn funny!!!!

Alekx said...

ugggh this is the first year I haven't worked at the PD during the night of new years eve.
Went out to the dinner then came home and locked the door and hid from the drunks.

Happy New Year