Sunday, December 6, 2009

I can't stand it anymore!!!!

Everywhere I look there is someone posting about the Tiger Woods saga.

People, get a fucking LIFE!!  Who the hell cares if they are having trouble?  If she is getting her ass beat or beating his ass with his nine iron, why is it such a concern to you?

This "incident" occurred in my area so it is TIGER this and TIGER that 24/7 on the news.  The only reason we are getting inundated with this shit is because his troubles sell commericals.  If people didn't give a shit and switch off the TV, I might be able to get the actually news about great sales on Prada at the local outlet.

Priorities People!!!


bARE-eYED sUN said...

well said!

our sentiments exactly!




janeywan said...

I couldn't agree more.

I'm surprised she didn't cut his pee pee off instead of clubing his car with a 9.

Would have been more news worthy!

Karen said...

I have a morbid curiosity about the whole thing. I LOVE to see a "hero" fall. And I love how people - even celebrities - are supporting a woman hitting her husband - saying she should have hurt him worse. Who supported Chris Brown when he hit Rihanna? Apparently it is fashionable to be pro-domestic violence if someone is unfaithful.

LOL. But the news in our area has moved on to other things.

Coffeypot said...

Tiger who? Did one escape from the zoo?

Vinomom said...

Personally I don't get the whole shock of it all. Guys cheat all the time - but TIGER is famous and good looking and RICH. Big shocker he's got girls offering left and right. And oh my god - he's a man and couldn't help himself...

Bottom line is I think very few people were meant for fame. They just don't know how to conduct themselves. And that goes double for those who achieve it a young age.

They're all gonna make assholes outta themselves eventually.

The Dish said...

I gotta agree with Vinomom. And I am damn tired of hearing about it!

SoLow said...

It's still happening!!! Now today there are reports of some random chick being taken to the hospital from his house... Sheesh - what now??? Did he & Elin have a 3some & hurt somebody???? LOL

Jenny Fabulous said...

LOL at SoLow. THat was his Mother in law. She's out now. Poss food poisoning. I read TMZ and Perez Hilton daily! I feel bad for his wife--- get out now honey--- he ain't worth it!