Saturday, September 13, 2008

I have always been a little ashamed of my dreams. While others spoke of dreams about flying, battling monsters or even walking through the office stark naked, I would dream about frantically searching for a bathroom at a U2 concert. Typically prefaced by too many Dr Peppers prior to crawling between the sheets.

I do have one interesting dream. I dream that I am driving down a busy freeway and I can’t open my eyes. I swerve to the left, swerve to the right and keep trying to open my eyes. Oh, and sometimes I also need to go to the bathroom. You don’t have to be the big S.F. to figure out what that shit means. My psyche is convinced that my life is out of control and my bladder is telling me to lay off the late night Dr Peppers.

Is anyone really in control of their lives? "Normal" people make plans and goals and do their best to make them happen. Whether your goal is to become a brain surgeon or simply screw Angelia Jolie, a goal is a goal. You can attempt to get on a path where those things may happen but even in the most organized life, circumstances will fuck with you every time.

You can't control what your kids do when you're not around and you can't control whether your boss wants to take out his bad fucking night on you. You can't control who falls in love with you and who pretends to in order to get some ponany. Hell, if you are female, you can't even control the day you're going to be bleeding from the crotch. It is all a crap shoot. Some winners, some losers but we are all trying to avoid being punched in the head by life while trying to scrap the dog shit off of our new Marc Jacobs pumps concurrently.

In the meantime, I am going to try to have a more interesting life in order to spice up my dreams, stop thinking about heavy shit before I fall asleep and lay off the Dr. Peppers.

At least there are itsy bitsy things in my part of the universe I can control.


TLP said...

You have Marc Jacobs pumps?!! Well, hell, Christine, you're living MY dream.

On the bathroom dreams, oh, yeah. I have those.

At least in your car driving dreams, YOU ARE THE ONE DOING THE DRIVING. That's a good sign. You may think you don't know where the heck you're going, but you do think that you are in charge of yourself.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That Driving-In-The-Car dream is really a scary one, isn't it? Not being able to open your eyes and see where you are going...AND in a moving vehicle which you are driving--- AND, On The Freeway, too....! Lordy! THAT would probably make me want to go to the bathroom, a lot! (lol)

They say that it is not the content of a dream that is so important, but what you are "feeling" in the dream....!

It is amazing, isn't it, how little control we actually have over so very many things in our lives....?

Glad you liked those pictures so much. Me too. I think that Succulent plant is just a true work of Art. Natures "ART"!

Loving Annie said...

Well, a bathroom dream seems reasonable given all the dr. peppers that you had :)

Just came by to say hello, Christine, and to say thank you for leaving the comment on my blog.

You were right that there are only certian things in your own life that you can control, and very little in someone else's.

And... nice shoes :)

Libby said...

chris--i'm SO trying to be in control of my little corner of the world...but with new stuff going on now, i'm SO scared, i wanna pull a "john", & find a closet...or just run!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Yes, so you can and I bet you will. Hallelujah.

Special K said...

My life is so out of control in so many aspects right now I cling to what I control, which you are right, ain't much chicka! ((HUGS))

coffeypot said...

Control is soooo overrated. You don't need it. Now put the handcuffs back on and get down on your knees, bitch (slapping the crop against my knee,) or I will blindfold you again and make you drive down the highway.